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Today’s latest gold rates are here. You can see the list of gold rates below. You can check all types of 24k/22k/21k/18k gold prices. We have posted gold prices in different weights like 10 grams, and 1 tola, per ounce you can see these rates in the table below.

Many people think that they can buy real gold at a lower price in Dubai, which is why people from all over the world come to buy gold in Dubai. Gold is sold in the form of jewelry, gold biscuits, gold blocks, gold coins, ornaments, gold bars, and others. For our valued visitors, we have mentioned the gold rates in Dubai, we hope the updated rates will be useful for you. The gold price in Dubai in dirhams per 10 grams is posted in the below table.

Today Dubai Gold Rate in Gram

Gold TypeGold rate (AED)

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Gold Price Calculator Dubai

of 24k gold Price in Dubai is :  of 22k gold Price in Dubai is :  of 21k gold Price in Dubai is :  of 18k gold Price in Dubai is : 

Now you can check gold rates of predefined weights in different gold purities.

Today Dubai Gold Price 14 July, 2024

Gold Price in Dubai 10 grams

Gold PurityWeightRates
24k Gold10 Gram2455 AED
22k Gold10 Gram2272.5 AED
21k Gold10 Gram2200 AED
18K Gold10 Gram1887.5 AED

Gold Price in Dubai Per Tola

Gold PurityWeightRates
24k Gold1 Tola2847.7 AED
22k Gold1Tola2636.1 AED
21k Gold1Tola2552 AED
18K Gold1Tola2189.5 AED

The Government of Dubai (Department of Economic Development) has external signs showing Dubai’s direct retail gold rate. They are located in prominent places of gold trade such as Gold Souk. The authorities are keen to promote transparency and ensure that the city retains its ‘City of Gold status.

Dubai Gold Rate

Gold ring 21 karat Price in Dubai

The minimum weight of a gold ring is 3.1 grams and according to today’s gold price, a gold ring in Dubai costs AED 643.95.

What are carats in gold?

A carat, also called a carat, is a measure of the fineness and purity of gold. It is called a carat outside the United States but should not be confused with the unit used to measure the weight of gemstones, also called a carat. A carat of gold is 1/24th of a whole or 4.1667 percent, and the purity of a gold alloy is indicated by the number of these parts of gold. Thus, an item containing 18 parts gold and 9 parts alloy is 18 karat gold, and pure gold is 24 karat gold.

All people have different requirements to buy gold, some want 24k pure gold, and some need 22k, 21k, 18k, 16, etc.

Why people are buying other types of gold they also know that this gold is an alloy of other metals.

The reason for buying other types of gold eg 18k, 21k is because these golds cost less than pure 24k gold and each type of gold looks the same as the others. Most people are buying 22k gold for weddings and if they need to gift someone then most people prefer to buy 22k or 21k gold for weddings. All they need is a good design that will look beautiful on the bride. Investors on the other hand are buying 24k gold because they can profit from the gold trade when they sell it.

Dubai city of Gold

Measures and weights of Gold

The primary weight measurement in gold dealing is the troy ounce. One troy ounce is equal to 20 troy pennyweights. A common method of measuring weight in the jewelry industry is the pennyweight, which is 1.555 grams

1 tola of gold = 11.5 grams
1 troy ounce = 31.1034 grams
1 troy ounce = 1.0971-ounce avoirdupois (US)
1 kg = 32.15 troy ounces
1 metric ton (1,000 kg) = 32,151 troy ounces
10 tola (Indian subcontinent) = 3.75 troy ounces
5 taels (Chinese) = 6.02 troy ounces

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