Historical gold rates in Dubai from 1 to 30 November 2022

Gold rates in Dubai change every day and we are posting a daily update which will help our visitors to know the daily gold rates in Dubai. But some people need to know about old rates in Dubai like 1st November to 30th November, that’s why we created this post to inform our visitors about 30 days gold rates details. Check the table below to know about gold prices per gram in Dubai. You can convert the rate to pounds per ounce as per your need.

Today Live gold rates in Dubai

Gold Rates In Dubai November 2022

Wednesday 30th, November 2022212.50199.75190.50163.25
Tuesday 29th, November 2022212.25199.50190.25163.25
Monday 28th, November 2022212.25199.25190.25163.00
Sunday 27th, November 2022212.50199.75190.50163.25
Saturday 26th, November 2022212.50199.75190.50163.25
Friday 25th, November 2022213.00200.25191.00163.75
Thursday 24th, November 2022212.75199.75190.75163.50
Wednesday 23rd, November 2022210.25197.50188.50161.50
Tuesday 22nd, November 2022211.50198.50189.50162.50
Monday 21st, November 2022211.50198.75189.50162.50
Sunday 20th, November 2022212.00199.25190.00163.00
Saturday 19th, November 2022212.00199.25190.00163.00
Friday 18th, November 2022213.50200.50191.50164.00
Thursday 17th, November 2022213.50200.50191.50164.00
Wednesday 16th, November 2022214.75201.75192.50165.00
Tuesday 15th, November 2022214.50201.50192.25164.75
Monday 14th, November 2022213.50200.50191.25164.00
Sunday 13th, November 2022214.50201.50192.25164.75
Saturday 12th, November 2022214.00201.00191.75164.25
Friday 11th, November 2022209.75197.00188.00161.25
Thursday 10th, November 2022207.50194.75186.00159.25
Wednesday 9th, November 2022206.75194.00185.25158.75
Tuesday 8th, November 2022202.25190.00181.25155.50
Monday 7th, November 2022202.75190.25181.75155.75
Sunday 6th, November 2022203.75191.50182.75156.75
Saturday 5th, November 2022203.75191.50182.75156.75
Friday 4th, November 2022199.50187.50178.75153.25
Thursday 3rd, November 2022199.50187.50178.75153.25
Wednesday 2nd, November 2022199.50187.50178.75153.25
Tuesday 1st, November 2022199.50187.50178.75153.25
gold rates in Dubai from 1 to 30 November 2022

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