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Japan, a land of innovation and rich traditions, is actively seeking skilled individuals in various fields through its Specified Skilled Worker Program (SSW). Launched by the Government of Japan in 2019, this program aims to address labor shortages in critical areas such as healthcare, construction, agriculture, and more. If you have expertise in agriculture, farming, construction, food service, healthcare, shipbuilding, or related industries, the Specified Skilled Worker Program offers a win-win situation for both you and the Japanese economy. This guide provides comprehensive details about eligible occupations, benefits, requirements, and the application process for the Japan Specified Skilled Worker Program.

Eligible Occupations Covered by Japan Specified Skilled Worker Program (SSW)

The Specified Skilled Worker Program covers 12 fields that are currently in high demand. If you have experience in any of these areas, you can apply for this program:

  1. Nursing Care: Assist people with daily needs like bathing and eating.
  2. Building Cleaning Management: Maintain clean and organized buildings.
  3. Machine Parts and Tooling Industries: Manufacture parts, machines, and electronics.
  4. Construction Industry: Build and maintain buildings and infrastructure.
  5. Ships Building and Ship Machinery Industry: Construct and maintain ships and boats.
  6. Automobile Repair and Maintenance: Fix and maintain cars.
  7. Aviation Industry: Assist in the takeoff and landing of planes.
  8. Accommodation Industry: Provide hospitality and ensure guest comfort.
  9. Agriculture: Engage in crop cultivation and animal farming.
  10. Fishery and Aquaculture Industries: Catch seafood and raise fish on farms.
  11. Manufacture of Food and Beverages: Produce and sell food and drinks (excluding alcohol).
  12. Food Service Industry: Cook and serve food in restaurants.

Benefits of Specified Skilled Worker Program

Participating in the Specified Skilled Worker Program offers various advantages:

  1. Long-Stay Visa:
    • Valid for up to 5 years, allowing for stable employment and longer stays.
  2. Access to Social Security:
    • Enjoy social security benefits and other support services.
  3. Competitive Salary:
    • Receive a competitive salary for your skills and contributions.
  4. Transportation Assistance:
    • Arrangements for transportation from/to the airport upon arrival/departure.
  5. Social Support:
    • Receive guidance on living in Japan in a language you can understand.
    • Assistance in renting a house and opening a bank account for comfortable living.


The Specified Skilled Worker Program has two types:

  1. Type (i):
    • Focuses on general skills and knowledge in a designated industry.
    • Requires a lower level of Japanese language proficiency (JLPT N4 or higher).
  2. Type (ii):
    • Focuses on more specialized skills and qualifications.
    • Requires a higher level of Japanese language proficiency (JLPT N3 or higher).

Both types require sponsorship from a Japanese employer. The process involves having a sponsoring employer, meeting language proficiency requirements, and adhering to the specific criteria for each type.

General Process for Japan Specified Skilled Worker Program

The application process for the Specified Skilled Worker Program involves the following steps:

  1. Visit the Official Website:
    • Access the official website for detailed information.
  2. Understand Eligibility Criteria:
    • Review the eligibility criteria for both Type (i) and Type (ii).
  3. Secure a Sponsoring Employer:
    • Connect with a sponsoring employer in Japan.
  4. Language Proficiency:
    • Fulfill the Japanese language proficiency requirement for the selected type.
  5. Application Submission:
    • Complete the online application form as per the official guidelines.

For a detailed overview of the process and requirements, applicants are encouraged to visit the official website:

More Info


The Japan Specified Skilled Worker Program 2024 opens doors to exciting opportunities in various industries for skilled individuals. Whether you have expertise in construction, healthcare, agriculture, or other specified fields, this program offers a pathway to contribute to Japan’s workforce while enjoying a stable and extended stay. As you embark on this journey, make sure to carefully review the eligibility criteria, choose the appropriate type, secure a sponsoring employer, and follow the application process outlined by the official website. Seize this chance to enhance your career and experience the unique blend of tradition and innovation that Japan has to offer.

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