List of Companies That Can Sponsor Visa in New Zealand

In early 2024, thousands of foreigners will be looking for jobs in some of the highest-paying countries in the world, which means that visa sponsorship jobs will be in high demand.

This is due to the fact that, despite being employed in the same fields, workers in these countries earn significantly higher wages than their local counterparts. It may seem impossible to earn more than $2,000 a month in some African and Asian countries, yet most Australian employers are willing to pay above that. Workers are highly valued and compensated well in these countries, making them attractive employment destinations.

Can foreign nationals apply for business sponsorship visas to enter New Zealand?

An overwhelming majority of New Zealand’s businesses are able to sponsor foreign nationals for work visas. Sponsorship requirements, however, could vary from one company or position to another.

To qualify for a work visa in New Zealand, you typically need a job offer from an employer willing to sponsor your visa. The company must show that it really tried to recruit people from New Zealand before it could hire an international worker.

Businesses in New Zealand often sponsor work visas for individuals from the agriculture, tourism, healthcare, construction, and IT industries, among others. It is advised to consult an expert immigration counsellor or use reliable job search websites because sponsorship criteria and the job market can change over time.

Companies in New Zealand That Can Sponsor Visas:

1: Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

One of the most prominent New Zealand companies that sponsors visas for foreign nationals is Fisher & Paykel Healthcare. Medical devices and equipment are the speciality of this firm. It is well-known for its innovation and excellence, and it operates in 37 countries.

2. Xero

The company’s cloud-based accounting software is ideal for accountants and small businesses. Xero has over 2 million customers in over 180 countries.

3. Health by Orion

A healthcare software company that focuses on precision medicine, population health management, and clinical workflow management.

4. The base

A company that helps businesses of all sizes with their digital transformation by providing them with IT services and solutions. Across Asia, Fronde maintains offices in both New Zealand and Australia.

5. Weta Digital

A famed digital visual effects company that has contributed to several Hollywood hits, including Avatar, The Lord of the Rings, and Avengers: Endgame.

6. Jade Computing

A software development company that focuses on innovative software solutions for industries including logistics, healthcare, and banking.

7. New Zealand Airlines

The national airline of New Zealand, serving 32 international locations and 20 domestic ones. When it comes to in-flight entertainment and customer care, few airlines can match Air New Zealand.

8. Fonterra

A cooperative that makes and sells dairy products to more than a hundred different countries. Fonterra exports more dairy products than any other company in New Zealand.

9. The Fletcher Structure

A construction materials and building supplies firm with a presence in the South Pacific, Australia, and New Zealand. Sustainable construction practices and a focus on employee and visitor safety are cornerstones of Fletcher Building’s ethos.

10. Energise

An ISP that provides mobile, web, and cloud services to both individuals and businesses. Spark is an innovative digital company that strives to provide its consumers with the best experience possible.

Take into consideration that visa sponsorship programmes may evolve over time, and that different organisations may have different requirements for sponsorship. You should look into the visa sponsorship schemes thoroughly and get in touch with the companies directly to get the most recent information.

10 New Zealand Businesses That Help Foreign Nationals Get Visas:

The following are some other reputable businesses that sponsor visas for free so that foreign nationals can legally immigrate to New Zealand and work.

  • Energy and petroleum sector – Z Energy
  • The animation and visual effects company Weta Digital
  • Banking and financial services provided by ANZ Bank
  • The investment management services of Fisher Funds Management
  • Dairy industry giant Fonterra
  • The airline sector – Air New Zealand
  • The Fliway Group specialises in shipping and logistics.
  • Engineers and consultants at GHD
  • Orion Health manages healthcare operations
  • Screenplay creator Vista Entertainment Solutions

Thousands of foreign workers are urgently needed by hundreds of industries in New Zealand. Both highly trained professionals (nurses, doctors, managers, etc.) and entry-level workers (drivers, security guards, lifeguards, etc.) are sought by these sectors.

Advantages for Businesses Able to Sponsor New Zealand Visas:

Sponsoring visas opens doors to a vast pool of international talent, who may bring new perspectives, experiences, and expertise to the table.

  • When domestic candidates lack the necessary expertise, companies can fill talent gaps by recruiting foreign nationals who possess the requisite education and experience.
  • Employing people from all over the globe allows companies to grow by allowing them to run more efficient operations.
  • An inclusive and culturally rich workplace can be the outcome of hiring people from other countries, which increases workplace diversity.
  • Transfer of Knowledge: Hiring employees from other countries can help a company innovate by bringing fresh perspectives, expertise, and technology to the table.
  • Gain an Edge: Companies may stay ahead of the competition by tapping into a vast pool of talent from across the world. This helps them place the right people in the right roles.
  • Market Expansion: A multilingual and multicultural workforce can be an asset in expanding markets and developing businesses globally.
  • Employers can utilise visa sponsorship as a tool for long-term succession planning by attracting and retaining overseas individuals for possible leadership roles and permanent positions within the company.
  • In order to ensure that their workforce is lawful and authorised to work in the nation, certain corporations may be required to sponsor visas as part of immigration and labour regulations.
  • Support for Local Businesses and Industries: Bringing in workers from other countries helps boost local businesses and industries, which in turn boosts consumer spending and tax revenue.
  • Establishing a Global Reputation: A diverse workforce can contribute to a company’s worldwide standing as an inclusive and socially conscious enterprise.
  • Foreign employees often have extensive personal and professional connections throughout the world, which can open doors to new partnerships and business prospects for their host company.

How to Apply for Job Visa Sponsorship Jobs in New Zealand:

Just go to the New Zealand jobs section to submit an application for a visa sponsorship position in the country. While you’re there, you should be able to view employment openings that sponsor visas.

You have to open each job page separately to get the details and requirements. To apply for the position, all you have to do is follow the application link to the recruiter’s website, where you’ll have to fill out some paperwork and upload your resume.

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