Lithuania Seasonal Worker Visa Application 2024 Process Navigated

A country of beautiful landscapes and great cultural background in recent days is approaching many seasonal workers to fill various job vacancies across the board. So, if you are planning for a temporary work stint in this Baltic gem, knowing the Lithuania Seasonal Worker Visa application process is necessary. Here’s how to apply for it in 2024.

Application Process:

To Apply:

Make sure you meet the eligibility requirements for the Lithuania Seasonal Worker Visa before you proceed with the application. Usually, this visa is for temporary workers in agriculture, tourism, or hospitality industries, among other sectorial operations. Confirm that intended employment falls within those given categories as seasonal work.

Stable Employment Offer:

If you are applying for the Lithuania Seasonal Worker Visa, upon application submission you must also get a job offer from an employer stationed in Lithuania. This is different from other work visas. The employer must be prepared to issue a Statement of Work income verification in addition to the Annex where stated seasons in which it works for oneself; employment exchange between both countries or other similar activities in their interest.

Preparing Documents for Visa Application:

You should gather the materials for your visa application. Along the way, a passport with at least a six-month validity period, an employer’s certificate, an accommodation contract/proof, and receipts for your living allowance are always appreciated. Please satisfy yourself that all of your documentation is up to date and meets the requirements laid down by the Lithuanian visa authorities.

Submitting the Consular Section of the Lithuanian Embassy

Prepare your papers, and go to the nearest Lithuanian embassy or consulate. Bring cash for the visa application, and enquire about any special needs or forms from the diplomatic mission.

Health Insurance

For seasonal employees, your health insurance must be eligible in Lithuania. Check thoroughly if your insurance coverage meets the requirements. Also, make sure it provides the protection you need throughout your stay; a valid check-in time.

Biometric Data Collection

For Most visa applicants, both visa types require the collection of biometric data. Some applicants will need to visit the application center designated to receive applications, or the embassy directly.

Expected Waiting Times for Visa Applications

The amount of time it takes to approve a Lithuania seasonal worker visa varies. It is therefore advisable to apply well in advance of when you plan to arrive because your application and supporting documents are situated with the relevant authorities.

Visa Approval and Collection

When the application has been approved, the embassy or consulate will notify you. Check the visa to make sure every detail is accurate, confirm those details, and note the period and conditions you have.



You will require a passport that must be valid for a lowest period that extends beyond your planned stay in Lithuania. Ensure your passport has enough blank pages on which the visa stamp may be attached.

Letter of Employment:

A signed employment letter from your Lithuanian employer outlining key details such as job description, term of employment, and amount of salary is a considerable document necessary to be provided with the visa application.

Proof of Accommodation:

Provide proof of accommodation arrangements throughout your period of stay in Lithuania. For instance, a paper copy of a lease agreement hotel reservation, or letter of invitation by the host.

Financial Means:

Confirm that you have enough monetary ability to support yourself during the period of seasonal work in Lithuania. It may include your bank statement or a note from your employer as to how much money you will earn.

Health Insurance:

Have valid and comprehensive health insurance coverage applicable in Lithuania. Put provisions that the policy must cover the period of your entire stay and ensure the provisions are made.

Biometric Data:

Be ready to offer biometric data, like fingerprints, as a portion of the visa application process. It is usually done at an official application center and embassy.


Seasonally working in Lithuania would be an adventure to look forward to, possibly getting a feel of their culture while contributing to its busy industries relying so much on seasonal workforces. Getting conversant with the application procedures and fulfilling the stipulated requirements will ensure that the Baltic nation’s temporary work experience is without any hitches. Stay informed about possible changes in visa requirements and refer to the Lithuanian embassy or consulate while there are some updates in information. 

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