Agriculture jobs in Australia 2024 with visa sponsorship

Australia is well known for its dairy industry and farming. Australia Farm Worker Visa Sponsorship Positions Announced by Government. In Australia, the minimum wage is $30 per hour. Australian animal varieties are especially well-liked in countries like Pakistan, where the farming industry is expanding rapidly. Therefore, a Ph.D. is not necessary. You need to have excellent command of the English language. Farm workers are responsible for the health and well-being of the animals under their care. Working here is not difficult for non-native speakers. Any job on a farm in Australia might be considered “farm work.” Horticulture, fisheries, livestock, poultry, processing meat, and other related industries are only some of the places where people might find work.

Since locals showed no enthusiasm for the positions, the Australian government allowed overseas applicants to be invited from Asia. Australia’s agricultural sector is experiencing a severe shortage of skilled workers. At least 190,000 and maybe up to 210,000 Visa Sponsorship Jobs will be created in 2024. Around 1.6 million people left their homes to settle in Australia. Below you’ll find detailed info on jobs that can sponsor your visa to work in Australia’s agricultural sector.

Agriculture jobs in Australia 2023 with visa sponsorship

Agricultural Employment Sponsorship in Australia – Specifics for Workers

  • Job Location: Down Under
  • Sector: Farming
  • Work Classification: Farmers
  • No Prior Experience Needed
  • No Age Restriction
  • Sponsorship for Visas: Yes
  • Earnings: $30.35 per hour or $59,179 annually

Labour in Australian Farms

Working on an Australian farm is a great way to see the world and put away money for the future. Although the agricultural sector in Australia is always hiring, the kind of jobs available change significantly with the seasons.

Workers in Australia’s agricultural sector are crucial to the country’s economy and diet. More than 90 percent of Australia’s food supply comes from the country’s farmers.


  • A year-round option that is accessible to low-skilled workers.
  • Rooms will be made available.
  • Australia’s federal government provides relocation assistance
  • Initial three-month period of coverage
  • Obtaining a Visa Sponsor.

Roles and Responsibilities of Farmers

Include the following in any job description for a farmer:

  • Fix farm equipment so it can grow, harvest, and transport crops again.
  • Act as an agricultural and livestock merchant.
  • Establish a farming strategy in light of market trends, government aid opportunities, and environmental factors.
  • Perform tasks in a manner consistent with the time of year, the climate, or the development of a crop.
  • Planting, fertilizing, harvesting, and herding are just some of the tasks you’ll be in charge of supervising as a range manager. Keep infrastructure on the farm in working order, including water lines, hoses, fences, and pens.
  • Pick out and acquire necessities like planting materials and harvesting tools.
  • Maintain accounting, payroll, production, and other relevant documents
  • Working with one’s hands.
  • Taking care of agricultural upkeep.
  • Managing massive equipment.
  • Putting broken machines and automobiles back together.
  • Controlling farm operations.
  • Supervising the farm crew.
  • Developing plans for obtaining crops or offspring.
  • Talking to customers.

Criteria for a Successful Farmer

These are some of the most frequently required traits for a farmer.

  • A history of working in the agricultural sector.
  • Ability to convey ideas effectively.
  • Physical fitness is required.
  • Highly developed hand-eye coordination.
  • Competence in using modern farming methods.
  • Capable of working lengthy shifts away from home.

Opportunities for Employment on Australian Farms

  • Chief Farmer
  • Produce Supervisor
  • Collecting Fruit
  • Manager of Fruit and Vegetable Operations
  • Farmhands who labour the winter harvest
  • Members of the in-store staff
  • Experts in Delivery
  • Inspector of Quality
  • The Head of the Farm
  • Construction workers
  • Irrigationists, farmers, etc.

Salary for Australian Farm Work

Salary-Explorer found that the median annual income for a farm worker in Australia is AU$30,500. The average annual salary for this position is between 15,300 and 47,300 AUD.

How much an Australian farmer can afford to pay his employees depends on a number of factors, including the nature of the job, the employee’s responsibilities, the mutual understanding of the parties involved, and the employer’s financial stability.

Do the pay and job requirements for Australian farms still intrigue you? Then, you can go forward as we list the best farm jobs in Australia that support international workers’ visas.

How to Apply for a High-Paying Job on an Australian Farm

Foreigners looking for high-paying work in Australia could take advantage of the excellent chance presented by Farm Jobs in Australia for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship.

We covered everything there is to know about agricultural employment opportunities in Australia, both for those from outside the nation and for people already residing there, so we hope you found it useful.

As we discussed above, agricultural/farm jobs have specific criteria, obligations, and responsibilities, as well as a relatively high average salary in Australia.

Use the application link(s) on this page to research open positions and inform potential employers of your interest (CV/Resume) in Australian farming positions.

There are numerous opportunities for foreigners with visa sponsorship to find work on farms across Australia. A direct application link is provided below; clicking it will take you to a filtered search page where you can peruse open positions.

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The purpose of having someone sponsor your trip is so that you may easily obtain an Australian visa. This is so because your employer will send a packet of paperwork to the Australian government/immigration that will help get your visa approved. However, there is always the possibility that your prospective employer will pay for your airfare and accommodation until you arrive in Australia.

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