Australia Hiring Foreign Workers 2024 Visa Sponsorship Jobs

Due to a critical shortage of workers, Australia is now providing sponsorship for foreign nationals to work in the country. A 400% increase in immigrants was announced by the Australian government. This is a chance to get legal employment in Australia. For the year 2024, numerous corporations are funding positions in the Australian government. These open positions offer excellent opportunities to gain valuable work experience while also helping to address a critical labor shortage. Australia’s yearly immigrant intake has risen from 35,000 to 195,000 so far this fiscal year.

There are jobs to be had in every industry and field. Jobs in Australia are open to everyone who meets the educational and citizenship requirements. The Australian government has released a directory of corporate job sponsors. The Australian government is actively recruiting candidates from all around the world to help alleviate the country’s chronic labor shortage. Thousands of people are finding work in Australia’s public sector.

Employers in Australia can meet their staffing demands with the help of the employer-sponsored visa program. It also opens the door for foreign workers with relevant talents to investigate employment opportunities in Australia. Below you’ll find more information on Jobs That Sponsor Australian Visas.

Australia Hiring Foreign Workers 2023 Visa Sponsorship Jobs

Salary Packages in Australia foreign workers

  • Logistics Systems Maintenance salaries in Australia typically range from $123,159 to $147,828 per year.
  • Jobs in Australian Communications and Journalism pay between AU$87k and AU$98k per annum.
  • Business/Economic Growth: AU$102,000 – AU$111,200
  • The starting salary for a position at the Australian Government’s Department of Industry, Science, Energy, and Resources is $110017.
  • Earn up to $118,940 a year plus benefits as a doctor in Australia.
  • Australian Opportunities for Nursing Officers: An annual salary of $82,574 is offered.
  • Jobs for Software Engineers, with Annual Salaries between AU$87K and AU$111K with Cancellation Rates of 15.4%
  • Compensation for the role of administrative officer ranges from $83,928 to $95,873.

Information Regarding Sponsored Employment in Australia in 2024

Visa-supported employment in Australia spans a wide range of fields and specializations, from teaching to office work to tech support to middle management.

  • Managers and engineers in the building industry
  • Programming and Website Design in the Field of Information Technology
  • Preschool educators
  • In-state Nurses
  • Electricians
  • Chefs
  • Jobs in the field of disabled and childcare


These benefits are yours to keep if you’ve been selected for a position in Australia.

  • To obtain a work visa, the company or employer will pay all associated fees.
  • Depending on the company, relocation costs may be paid for.
  • (Occasional) Meals
  • The average Australian hourly wage is $21.38.
  • The Australian government has granted you a work visa.
  • A safer and more pleasant setting.
  • Health Benefits.

The 2024 Australian Accredited Sponsor List

As of June 2022, these are the approved Australian businesses that can sponsor Work Visas for international applicants.

This directory is distributed by the Australian government. The list is long, but it’s worth it to see which businesses in Australia can help you get a work visa.

Australian Businesses That Are Willing to Sponsor International Students

Although by no means exhaustive, the following are examples of some of the larger corporations that I am aware of that offer sponsorship for skilled worker visas. These Australian businesses are accepting applications for employment from anyone.

Online Resources for Locating Visa Sponsored Employment in Australia, Year 2024

Australia’s Workforce

Workforce Australia is a government agency that helps Australians secure and maintain work, switch careers, or start their own businesses. Use our no-cost service to look for employment opportunities. Gain access to tools and education that can help you enter the workforce or make a career shift.

Australia’s Leading Travel Search Engine

SEEK is the most popular online job board in 10 countries across Asia, the Pacific, and Latin America.

How to Apply Procedures

  • Discover open positions in Australia and apply for them online.
  • Get some reading in first, and then send out as many applications as you can manage.
  • When a job offer comes your way.
  • The next action is to submit an application for the visa.
  • Your visa needs will vary depending on the nature of the position you’ve been offered.
  • It’s likely to be a visa for skilled workers.
  • Your employer will help you get a work visa and submit the application for you.
  • Once you receive your Visa decision, you’ll be free to relocate to Australia.


Australia is a great place for international workers to settle. Therefore, in 2024, you can search for and apply for a Government Visa Sponsorship Job in Australia and get the benefits of working in Australia.

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