Fruit picking jobs in Australia with visa Sponsorship 2024

Want a job harvesting fruit in Australia? Those interested in fruit-picking work in Australia can get the Australian government to sponsor their visas right now. If you’ve ever dreamed of working in Australia’s agriculture sector, now is your chance.

The fruit-picking employment is ideal for those who lack formal education or work experience but are otherwise eager to perform manual labor. Find sponsorship for your Australian visa here in 2024 for fruit picking jobs in this post.

  • Job Location: Down Under
  • Sector: Farming
  • Agricultural Laborers and Fruit Pickers
  • Need for Prior Knowledge: None
  • Not a Lot of Prior Knowledge Needed
  • No Age Restriction
  • Transfer: Positive
  • Housing: Acceptable
Fruit picking jobs in Australia with visa Sponsorship 2023

Salary Package:

Pay is $57,525 per year or $29.50 per hour.

Why Do People Choose to Work as Fruit Pickers in Australia?

More than 2,200 people have been placed by Australian farm recruiters in fruit-picking jobs and other harvest-related roles during the past year.

Considering the sheer size of Australia. Moreover, many urban centers and other areas in Australia are unpopulated and undeveloped. As a result, landowners there are actively seeking Farmworkers.


  • Available all year round and appropriate for beginning workers.
  • Help for Lodging
  • Assistance in Moving
  • Support for Visa Applications.
  • In Australia, how much do fruit pickers make? $19.50 per hour or $57,525 per year

When is the best time to go fruit picking in Australia?

 Typically, harvest begins in December and lasts until the beginning of May.

Foreigners are being recruited to fill these positions because most Australians do not want them. You’ll be working in a warehouse environment, where your duties will include picking produce from farms and orchards, packing produce onto delivery trucks, restocking supplies, and more. Prospective workers who require a visa sponsor can apply for harvesting and farming jobs.

Jobs picking fruit allow people to make money and see the world at the same time. Read on to learn what it takes to get hired for a fruit-picking job in Australia and how to submit your application.

Temporary employment visas for foreign nationals are readily available in Australia. The Working Holiday Visa is the most popular option for fruit pickers because it allows visitors from selected countries to work in Australia for a year. If you want to work in Australia for an extended period of time, you can apply for a seasonal worker visa or an employer-sponsored visa.

The Different Types of Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia

There are many distinct types of fruit-picking employment in Australia. The most prevalent include picking apples, oranges, bananas, and grapes. There are also occupations picking other fruits such as strawberries, mangoes, and tomatoes.

The remuneration for fruit-picking tasks varies based on the variety of fruit and the farm. For example, apple farms often pay more than banana plantations. Farm size also affects pay rates, with larger farms frequently paying more than smaller ones.

Fruit Picking Jobs by Australian Companies

  • Victoria (VIC) Fruit Picking Jobs
  • Ranches: Coldstream, Cherry Hill Orchards, and Silvan
  • November–February is the best time to visit.
  • Grapes, cherries, strawberries, and other berries and fruits are among those picked.

Obtaining Employment as a Fruit Picker in NSW

  • Persimmons, apples, blueberries, cherries, and oranges were among the fruits gathered.
  • Strawberries from SSS, Oakwood, Pinata Farms, and Stanthorpe
  • Strawberry, banana, pear, and melon harvests

Increased Opportunities to Locate Farm Work in Australia

Another option to locate Australian Fruit Picking Visa Sponsorship Jobs is to search on Google, and the Internet by writing “Australian Farming Companies or Agriculture companies”. It will provide a directory of Australian farming businesses. Additionally, applications can be submitted via their website.

If you’re looking for a job in Australia, the best place to start is the official government website, Workforce Australia. Many of Australia’s agricultural businesses post openings for fruit pickers on this site. As of late, there has been a flood of job listings.

How to Apply for Fruit picking jobs in Australia with visa sponsorship 2024

  • Guidelines for Submission: View this Online Resource:
  • Just type “Visa Sponsorship” into the search field. or a search for “fruit” or “fruit-related.”
  • It will compile a list of all agricultural and horticultural jobs in Australia that provide visa sponsorship.
  • Find all Jobs in Australia that can sponsor your visa on SEEK Australia, the country’s top job board. Finding Jobs in Australia that will sponsor your visa is a breeze with SEEK if you follow the steps outlined below. It will detail every conceivable Job, Industry, Company, Profession, and Job Description. The first step is to secure employment.
  • An Overview of the SEEK Australia Job Search Engine First To learn more about SEEK, please go to site.
  • There will be over 2,341 Job postings listed.
  • Then, type “Visa Sponsorship”, “Fruit Jobs,” or “Picker Jobs” into the Search bar.
  • To proceed, choose “Australia” as your location. Select the whole of Australia.
  • Now you may see a complete list of Visa-Sponsored Employment Opportunities in Australia.


We hope this post was useful in answering your questions about finding a fruit harvesting job in Australia that will sponsor your visa. If you want to enhance your chances of acceptance, you should prepare thoroughly and submit your application early. Working hard and getting lucky, you can find a job in Australia.

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