Highest Paid Jobs in Australia 2023/2024

Many Australian college students and recent grads are unaware of the abundance of well-paying opportunities in the country. Seeing the average salaries for Australia’s highest-paying professions may inspire a career switch, even for those with no prior expertise in those fields.

Some of the highest paying positions are open to applicants without a college diploma as well. We have a list of the newest high-demand occupations in Australia, both for foreigners and residents, whether you’re looking for in-office work in Australia that pays well or a job you can do from home.

Based on data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Australian tax office has identified the best-paying jobs in Australia, along with the average wage for each. Choose the industry or field of work you’re interested in from the provided options.

Australia’s best paying professions, listed.

Here is a list, in no particular order, of some of Australia’s highest paying and most in-demand occupations:

  • Typical earnings for anesthesiologists are $192,816 per year.
  • A typical annual compensation for a CFO is $166,068.
  • The average income for a general surgeon is $160,000.
  • CEOs typically earn $155,631 per year.
  • The salary for a senior IT project manager is an average of $143,463 per year.
  • The typical pay of a director of operations is $143,463.
  • Pay for Python developers averages $126,436 per year.
  • The average annual income for psychiatrists is $125,762
  • Salary for Senior Attorneys: Around $124,759 Per Year
  • Manager of Health and Happiness Salary: Around $123,510
  • System architect salaries average $120,668 per year.
  • Salary for Mining Engineers: $120,000 on Average
  • Salary for an Orthodontist: Around $111,903
  • The typical salary of a cyber security engineer is $95,000.
  • The typical pay of a data scientist is $92,450.
  • Earnings for commercial pilots average $91,713 per year.
  • The Average Salary of a Surgeon is $394,303
  • The salary average in the field of strategy consulting is $126,000
  • Secretaries in the accounting industry earn an average of $128,641 a year.
  • The average income for financial advisors is $261,008.

How to Get a Job in Australia and What to Expect

Click here when searching for a career in Australia, recent graduates and undergraduates should keep the following in mind:

  • Workplace adaptability
  • The company’s ethos
  • The money you’ll be making
  • Possibilities for Education
  • Employment security

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