Orchard Worker Jobs In Australia with Visa Sponsorship

Australia is a popular destination for agricultural and dairy tourism. Australian Farm Working Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2024 were established by the agricultural sector with the blessing of the Australian government. Farming is the most popular occupation in Australia, and agriculture in general, is a major economic driver there. Dairy farmers use cows (or sometimes other animals) to make milk and related products, and you might have heard about Australian Cows. They might be responsible for providing or organizing food, shelter, and veterinary care for the animals. Work in agriculture also includes picking fruit. The demand for these is extremely high in Australia, but why is that? Consequently, Australia’s agricultural industry is booming.

The Australian government has authorized farmers to hire foreign workers to fill open positions if no suitable Australians apply. This position offers relocation assistance, housing assistance, and visa sponsorship. The agricultural sector in Australia is experiencing a severe shortage of workers right now. In 2024, they want to lease anywhere from 180,000 to 200,000 Visa Sponsorship Jobs. According to their declaration, the Australian government will select 195,000 immigrants for the 2024 fiscal year. Complete information on Australian Farm Worker Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2024 can be found below.

Orchard worker jobs in Australia with visa sponsorship

Information Regarding Farm Worker Visas and Jobs in Australia in 2024

  • Australia, the Job-Nation
  • Business: Farming
  • Type of Worker: Farmers
  • No Special Knowledge Necessary
  • Information Needed: Not Too Much
  • There is no age limit.
  • We can help you get a visa.

Salary Package

Compensation: $59,179 per year, or $30.35 per hour (equal to the wage for farm worker jobs in Canada offering visa sponsorship in 2024).


  • Minimal Required Schooling
  • Available all year long and geared toward beginner workers.
  • It’s likely that lodging or housing-related assistance will be provided.
  • Help in moving, like that offered by Airfare
  • Coverage for the first three months of any necessary medical insurance.
  • Accepting Sponsors for Visa Applications.

Who Can Apply For This Job?

Basic Farm Employee Jobs in Canada are available to everyone, regardless of nationality. Applicants might be from any country.

Anyone, including those living in countries other than Canada, can apply. Keep in mind, too, that only the applicants the company considers qualified for the position will really be contacted.

To apply for a visa to work, study, or vacation in Australia, you must be at least 18 years old.

Documents such as a clean criminal record, medical history, and others are required for certain categories of Australian visas.

Sites Where Australians Seeking Employment as Orchard Workers Can Look

  • WorkForce Australia (Official Govt of Australia)
  • SEEK Australia
  • WikiFarms Australia
  • Indeed.Au
  • LinkedIn

Orchard Worker Job Requirements for Visa-Sponsored Employment in Australia by the Year 2024


There is no obligatory education level.

There is no requisite level of expertise. However, previous relevant work experience is a must.

Sponsorship Program Eligible Countries for Australian Employment

Indians, Nigerians, Filipinos, Pakistanis, Kenyans, Cameroonians, Ghanaians, Nigerians, Canadians, Emiratis, Trinis, Safais, and Mexicans all fill out applications. Any nationality is welcome.

How much do orchard workers in Australia typically make?

The typical starting wage in Australia’s different states and territories varies widely based on factors including a worker’s level of experience, the sort of orchard they work in, and the like. However, multiple pay databases indicate that Orchard Workers in Australia earn a minimal average wage of AUD 30 per hour.

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