Apple Picker Jobs In Canada 2024 Visa Sponsorship

Anyone in the world who misses out on the Popular Apple Picker Jobs in Canada in 2024 will be kicking themselves. One of the best seasonal occupations in Canada is picking apples or other fruits, which is why many people from other countries come here to work.

What reason do they seek foreign workers?

 Look, Canada won’t exactly be a teeming metropolis. They’re looking for workers to come in and do the dirty work. Because of these Farms, orchards have to be cleared out of the city. So many Canadians can avoid the labor market altogether. As a result, they are holding an international hiring competition. You’ll find everything you need to know about Apple Picker Jobs in Canada 2024 below.

Apple picker jobs in Canada 2023 visa sponsorship

Information Regarding the 2024 Apple Picking Profession in Canada

  • Job Market in Canada
  • Apple Picker is a Type of Work
  • Location of Employment: Agricultural and Rural Areas
  • No Special Knowledge Necessary
  • Needed Details: Not Too Much
  • Limit on Age: None
  • Guaranteed Visa Sponsorship

Salary Package:

The hourly wage for an apple picker is $15.20 CAD. There was no promotion to a higher diploma level. Among the younger set who are open to trying new things in exchange for financial compensation, this is a popular occupation. It is up to you to pick which apples come from the Bushes, Farms. It’s like being forced to pick your fruits. The items will then be grouped together, and the packing procedure will start.

Hourly rate of $15-$20

There Is a Wide Range of Fruit Picking Jobs Available


Many international workers can find work picking apples and other fruits via the Job Bank Canada, the official Government of Canada job search website. You shouldn’t miss this. Picking fruit in Canada can be a great side gig for those looking to supplement their income.


  • Almost certainly lodging will be provided.
  • Help with the Cost of Getting There
  • Coverage for the first three months of any necessary medical insurance.

Which Applicants Meet the Requirements?

  • There are no restrictions on nationality for this position, therefore anyone can apply from anywhere in the world. Anyone, including non-Canadians, is free to utilize.
  • Apple Chooses Ontario, Canada, To Locate New Workforce
  • As the country’s primary apple-growing region, Ontario is a natural choice for Apple’s hiring efforts.
  • Farms on Barrie Hill
  • Strawberry and apple farm, Downey’s
  • Orchards of Albion
  • The Dixie Orchards
  • Work for Fruit Pickers in British Columbia
  • Association with the BC Cherry – Numerous websites provide available Cherry-picking jobs in British Columbia.
  • Fruit Growers of British Columbia – Send them an email with your resume attached, and they will help you find work harvesting fruit in British Columbia.
  • They offer housing to workers, but it comes at a price for Jealous Fruits.
  • Carcajou Fruit – They have tent sites for rent (for a modest fee).
  • Aging Tower Complex

Criteria for Eligibility:

  • The following are the qualifications for the Fruit Picking Jobs in Canada in 2024:
  • Candidates from Canada will not be considered.
  • Anyone, male or female, can apply for this position.
  • The applicant must be at least 18 years old.

How to Apply for Apple Picker Jobs in Canada 2024 Visa Sponsorship

You can become a fruit picker with little to no experience or education. Age is not a factor. Canada Fruit Picking Jobs do not necessitate extensive work history or prior experience.

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Finding work as an apple picker in Canada with employer sponsorship shouldn’t be difficult. Obtaining a temporary work visa in Canada is a simple process. It’s a straightforward and easy procedure. Apple is in need of a large workforce for its hiring process. To apply, please send your resume. A Canadian employer’s letter of recommendation may be useful to you during the visa application process.

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