Canadian Companies That Sponsor Foreign Workers 2024

There has been a significant uptick in the practice of Canadian companies sponsoring foreign workers. The reason behind this is the significant surge in immigration to Canada during the past few years. Numerous immigrant groups comprise over 25% of Canada’s workforce.

Canadian Companies That Sponsor Foreign Workers 2024

Foreign workers are being sponsored by Canadian companies for what reasons?

There are more job openings for immigrants in Canada due to the country’s aging population and low birth rate. This has led to a surge in the need for skilled immigrants in Canada, as many companies are seeking to expand their workforce.

Companies in Canada may not necessarily “sponsor” international employees, but they may be able to assist you in submitting an LMIA application to ESD.

Which LMIA Is Right for You?

If your LMIA is satisfactory, you can submit an application for a work visa. It is imperative that you prioritise the process of obtaining a work visa in Canada. It is crucial that the employer you are being recruited by is prepared to take care of the application process and pay for the application fees.

Work Permits: What Are They?

Legally, you can’t work in Canada without a work permit. Obtaining a work permit is the next step after securing sponsorship opportunities in Canada that meet the requirements of the LMIA. Two main types of work permits exist:

Working Authorization

With this work visa, you can do everything you want. The work permit does not include any details about the employer. A job offer and Labour Market Impact Assessments (LMIAs) are also not required.

See for more information about Canadian immigration services, including work permits, scholarships, and visa sponsorships.

A work visa to Canada is easy to get, but there are a few things you need to know:

You are a common-law or spouse of an overseas worker whose job is listed in the National Occupation Classification (NOC) as Level O, A, or B;

Are a Canadian permanent resident; You are an international student who has recently graduated from a post-secondary institution in Canada; You are the spouse or common-law partner of a full-time student overseas.

Employer-Directed Work Authorization

This work visa comes with a few limitations. You are limited to the position described by the type of work you will be doing and the name of your employer.

Although you will typically be able to preserve your present work permit, you will need to apply for a new one if you wish to work for a different employer.

How can I Apply for an Employer-Specific Work Visa?

In order to be eligible for this work visa, you need to have both a job offer and a Labour Market Impact Assessment. To Apply for a work permit, you must first meet these two requirements.

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