Housekeeping jobs in Canada With Visa Sponsorship in 2024

Are you ready to embark on a fulfilling career in Canada? OC3 Hospitality Inc. is actively seeking foreign room attendants and housekeepers to join our esteemed team. Our visa-sponsored positions offer an incredible opportunity for international employees to make valuable contributions to our lodging and hospitality services in Canmore, AB, Canada.

Details of Housekeeper Jobs in Canada:

  • Location: Canmore, AB, Canada
  • No. of Vacancies: 10
  • Industry: Hospitality
  • Salary: CAD 20 – CAD 40 Per Hour


If you possess a strong work ethic, meticulous attention to detail, and a desire to work in Canada, OC3 Hospitality Inc. welcomes your application. While prior housekeeping experience is not mandatory, effective communication in English and eligibility for employment in Canada are essential requirements.


In the role of a housekeeper or room attendant with OC3 Hospitality Inc., your responsibilities may include:

  • Ensuring cleanliness and maintenance of guest rooms and public areas.
  • Restocking provisions and amenities in guestrooms.
  • Providing guests with a spotless and inviting environment.
  • Managing guest requests and ensuring a pleasant stay.
  • Collaborating with janitorial personnel to optimize cleaning procedures.
  • Compliance with safety and health regulations.


  • Attention to detail and dedication to maintaining a welcoming environment.
  • Physical stamina for tasks requiring repetitive motions.
  • Capability for both collaborative and independent operation.
  • Willingness to acquire knowledge and comply with sanitation protocols.
  • Prior housekeeping experience preferred but not mandatory.

Work Setting:

You will be an integral part of OC3 Hospitality Inc., a renowned Canadian lodging and hospitality provider committed to exceeding guest expectations. Our inclusive and collaborative workplace promotes the growth of employees and professionals.

Additional Information:

  • Scholarships for visas will be extended to eligible candidates.
  • Competitive hourly wage with potential bonuses.
  • Prospects for extensive development and instruction.
  • OC3 Hospitality Inc. values equal opportunity.

Benefits of Housekeeper Jobs in Canada:

  1. Preserving Organized and Clean Spaces:
    • Housekeepers contribute to maintaining clean, orderly, and pleasant environments in both residential and working spaces.
  2. The Saving of Time:
    • Hiring housekeeping services saves time for individuals with hectic schedules, allowing them to focus on other priorities.
  3. Proficiency and Effectiveness:
    • Professional housekeepers bring knowledge of effective cleaning techniques and products, resulting in superior hygiene.
  4. Stress Mitigation:
    • Housekeepers alleviate tension by ensuring domestic responsibilities are well-attended to, fostering a tranquil living environment.
  5. Adaptability:
    • Housekeeping services can be tailored to specific needs, offering flexibility in cleaning schedules and tasks.
  6. Health Advantages:
    • Housekeepers contribute to a healthier environment by eliminating allergens, dust, and pathogens.
  7. Strengthened Organization:
    • Housekeepers enhance organization by organizing spaces and designing systems for improved overall organization.
  8. Obtaining More Personal Time:
    • Individuals benefit from additional personal time for family, leisure, and relaxation by delegating cleaning responsibilities.
  9. Tailored Services:
    • Housekeeping services are adaptable, catering to individual preferences, such as laundry or deep cleaning.
  10. Employment Opportunities:
  • Housekeeping jobs provide stable employment in janitorial services, residential settings, and the hospitality sector.

How to Apply for Housekeeper Jobs in Canada?

To apply for Housekeeper/Room Attendant positions with OC3 Hospitality Inc. in Canada, visit our official website’s careers page and complete the application process following the provided instructions.

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Conclusion: Embark on a rewarding journey as a Housekeeper/Room Attendant with OC3 Hospitality Inc. in Canada. Contribute to our commitment to delivering exceptional guest experiences in a dynamic, guest-centric environment. OC3 Hospitality Inc. values diversity and invites applications from qualified candidates globally. Join us in providing outstanding Canadian hospitality!

People Also Ask:

What is the salary for housekeeping in Canada?

The average housekeeping salary in Canada is $33,150 per year or $17 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $28,639 per year, while experienced workers can make up to $42,900 per year.

Are housekeepers in demand in Canada?

Yes, there is a demand for home support workers, housekeepers, and related occupations in Canada, with job openings expected to total 34,500 over the period 2022–2031.

How can a housekeeper immigrate to Canada?

Housekeepers can qualify for the Home Support Worker Pilot, which requires a full-time job offer, minimum language requirements, work experience with home care training, and secondary education.

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