Poultry Farm Worker Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

Are you looking for a job in Canada and have a strong desire to work with poultry? Your search ends here! If you are looking for a visa sponsor and a poultry farm job, Merks Poultry Farm Limited is a great option. Learn about the duties of a poultry farm worker, the perks of working with Merks Poultry Farm Limited, and how to apply for these roles in this article. The poultry farm job at Merks Poultry Farm Limited might be a great fit for anyone looking to get experience or start a career in the poultry farming business.

Job Specifics:

  • Apply Now for the Role of Poultry Farm Workers in Canada Through Sponsorship of Your Visa!
  • In Waterford, Ontario, Canada, at 337 Concession 6 Townsend, you will find Magalas Produce LTD.
  • Positions Available: 10
  • Field: Food Production and Farming
  • Hourly Remuneration: $20–$35
  • Location: Canadian
  • Knowledge acquisition
  • Not a single diploma or degree certificate
  • Working knowledge
  • three to fewer than five years

Do you have a strong interest in working with animals and the agricultural sector?

Is raising chickens something you’re familiar with or are you open to learning? Poultry farm workers are in high demand, and Magalas Produce LTD is looking for someone with your level of dedication and work ethic to join our team. For non-Canadians supported by a Canadian visa, this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Daily management and care of the farm’s fowl will fall on your shoulders as a fowl Farm Worker. You will primarily be responsible for feeding, watering, and monitoring the birds’ health and welfare. Helping with immunizations and medication delivery, keeping the chicken houses clean and well-maintained, and keeping an eye on production performance are all part of your responsibilities.

Scheduled feeding and watering of chickens is part of the job description.

Keeping an eye on the well-being of birds and reporting any symptoms of concern

Maintaining and cleaning aviaries

  • Providing support with the administration of medications and vaccines
  • Gathering eggs and putting them away correctly
  • Keeping track of indicators of production efficiency
  • Adhering to all biosecurity rules to avoid the spread of illness
  • Relying securely on agricultural machinery
  • Helping out with various farm duties as required


  • Although it is preferred, but not required, that applicants have some background in poultry farming; those eager to learn will receive the necessary training.
  • A solid work ethic and the capacity to endure physically taxing job conditions
  • Competence in accurately carrying out normal operating procedures and following directions
  • Possessing a valid work visa or being willing to obtain one is essential. Qualified candidates may be eligible for visa sponsorship.
  • Capable of fluent oral and written English communication
  • Flexibility in scheduling is essential, as there is a possibility of working on weekends.
  • An assurance that biosecurity and animal welfare will always be top priorities
  • The ability to put one’s best foot forward and work well with others


  • The benefit of working on farms is that the employees obtain competitive compensation.
  • Workers in the agricultural sector enjoy a high standard of living and a generous salary.
  • As part of the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Programme, the workers get benefits.
  • Workers are eligible for a wide range of insurance plans, including health, disability, life, and more.
  • A health care plan is available to the employees, and they get to work in a natural setting.
  • Workers get paid time off and other advantages.

How to Apply for Poultry Farm Worker Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

Come work with us at Magalas Produce LTD and start a fulfilling career raising chickens. In addition to competitive pay and benefits, we provide great working conditions and room for advancement. Put yourself in the driver’s seat of a fresh and thrilling opportunity in Canada by applying today!

More Info

There is a wide range of opportunities for anyone interested in working on farms, including caring for livestock, tending fields, conducting research, or marketing. The farmhands usually become invested and develop a strong work ethic.

Working on farms provides free housing and board in addition to free labour and valuable experience.

Due to expansion and replacement demand, farmworker employment in Canada is on the rise and will likely continue to do so.

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