Store Keeper Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

Are you a person who is meticulous, well-organized, and skilled at maintaining order in situations? Do you happen to be looking for new work in Canada that will assist you in obtaining a visa? If you are someone who enjoys keeping track of merchandise, ensuring that it is stored properly, and assisting with the smooth operation of things, then this job description for Store Keeper Jobs with Visa Sponsorship in Canada is ideal for you.

Store Keeper Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

Country of employment:

  • Canada Industry: Inventory Management and Supply Chain Coordination
  • Occupational Category: Shopkeeper or Storekeeper
  • There is no minimum experience requirement, no requirement for education, and basic English, and there is no age limit.
  • The VisaShifting of Sponsorship LocationAccommodating, absolutely need,
  • A Term of EmploymentSalary that is both full-time and permanent Hourly rate18 to 30 dollars per hour

Requirements for Jobs in Canada that are Available for Shopkeepers and Store Keepers with Visa Sponsorship

The equivalent of a high school diploma or an equivalent.

Computer literacy and familiarity with Microsoft Office are essential.

A strong aptitude for mathematics and organization is also present.

In order to fulfil the inventory requirements of many teams, you will need to be able to communicate well and collaborate effectively with one another.

  • A pay rate that is comparable.
  • For a visa, an LMIA or sponsorship is required.
  • One of the advantages of working as a storekeeper or shopkeeper in Canada the sponsorship of Visas
  • Entry Point: An opportunity for new employees to receive training that is based in the actual world and to enter the workforce.
  • The development of skills includes learning how to manage merchandise, provide assistance to customers, and run a store.
  • The act of chatting with coworkers, customers, and other people who work in retail is what is meant by the term “networking.”
  • You may be able to advance to a managerial position if you have sufficient expertise in the field.
  • An examination of the retail industry and all of its various components is included in this industry exposure.

A visa that is sponsored In spite of the fact that this work does not require a great deal of expertise, education, or experience, individuals who are qualified can have their visas paid for.


  • Hold a record of the stock.
  • Maintaining a record of sales, payments for inventory, withdrawals, and monetary transactions.
  • Checking the overall condition of the supplies, including determining whether any of them are damaged or whether there are any variations between them.
  • Make sure that the shelves are stocked, and take care of everything else that is related to the stock.
  • Returning items, as well as packing and labeling them, and adding prices to them.
  • In addition to making new purchases, placing orders for the things that are required.
  • Due to the fact that some minor adjustments are required.
  • ensuring that the goods arrive at their destination without incident and keeping track of where the equipment is heading.
  • Ensure that all documents pertaining to stock levels and inventory control are managed.

How to Apply for Store Keeper Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

Applicants from any country in Asia, Africa, or Latin America are eligible to submit their applications for storekeeper employment in Canada that sponsor visas.

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