Visa Sponsorship Gardener Jobs Canada for Foreigners 2024 – Apply Now

Visa Sponsorship Gardener Jobs Canada for Foreigners 2024 (LMIA not Required): The extensive territory of Canada encompasses an array of landscapes that are well-suited for various gardening and landscaping endeavors. Skilled landscapers are in greater demand as a result of the nation’s dedication to environmental preservation and sustainable practices. Moreover, immigration policies in Canada foster an environment that is favorable to the admission of specialized labor, including specialists in the fields of gardening and landscaping. You don’t have to run a hassle search of available Visa Options/job requirements of  Canada Gardener Jobs on the Internet, this manual has a detailed answer to your every question. 

In Canada, gardeners hold a diverse range of positions, including horticulturalists, landscape designers, and greenhouse laborers, among others. Public parks and botanical gardens, in addition to private residences and commercial horticulture firms, are among the employers. So, you have stable career prospects. Let’s get to know more.

Visa Sponsorship Gardener Jobs Canada for Foreigners 2024 - Apply Now

About Visa Sponsorship Gardener Jobs Canada for Foreigners 2024 (LMIA not Required)

  • Job Title: Gardener / Landscape Artist 
  • Job Country: Canada 
  • Knowledge Required: Professional Diploma/ Course Certification preferred. Otherwise High School Diploma 
  • Experience Required: 2 years minimum
  • Language Proficiency: English or French 
  • Average Salary: $17-$21 minimum 
  • Who can Apply: Check the Eligibility under Sponsorship Section 
  • Visa Sponsorship and Relocation: Yes

Requirements of Visa Sponsorship Gardener Jobs Canada for Foreigners 2024 (LMIA not Required)

Job Requirements 

  • First and foremost; a positive attitude, open mind, and strong work ethic
  • Integrity
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, physically demanding work environment
  • Ability to work independently and with others
  • Strong communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Prior knowledge or education in horticultural is an asset
  • Must be willing to work in all reasonable types of weather
  • Must be willing to work some weekends
  • Preference will be given to candidates with previous experience in the horticultural maintenance/bed maintenance field
  • Ability to read and interpret blueprints and specifications as an asset
  • Knowledge of specific materials, methods, tools, and equipment required to complete various landscape practices

Visa Sponsorship Requirements 

  • You must have a valid job offer from a Canadian employer. If LMIA is required for the Immigration Pathway your employer chooses, He must be willing to perform LMIA. 
  • You must need the minimum educational and experience requisites for the job
  • You must meet the language criteria
  • You must be a minimum of 18 years of age 
  • You must provide all Visa and Immigration documents, especially the admissibility checks like Police Clearance Certificates and Health Records.

Job Duties of a Gardener/ Horticulturist/ Landscape Artist

  • Apply fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides, pesticides, and other lawn care products. 
  • Apply various treatments such as pruning, spraying, repairing damaged areas, and injecting with treatment solutions.
  •  Plan and coordinate the growth and use of plants for landscaping, ornamental uses, and other purposes. 
  • Plan and construct landscaped environments which may include trees, shrubberies, lawns, fences, decks, patios, and other landscape structures. 

Benefits of Visa Sponsorship Gardener Jobs Canada for Foreigners 2024 (LMIA not Required)

  • High Average Salary 
  • No Education Required 
  • No High Experience Required 
  • Skilled Gardeners are in High Demand in Canada 
  • The Visa Process is easy and not very lengthy
  • As long as there are outdoor areas, there will be a need for cultivators, providing job security and employment opportunities.
  • Health Insurance and Other health care initiatives by many employers 
  • Flexible Language Requirement
  • Bonus Pay and other incentives 

Gardener Jobs Canada 2024 Visa Sponsorship Details

Canada provides numerous avenues for skilled workers to immigrate, including the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot, the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), and the Federal Skilled Worker Program. Those immigrants who possess prior experience in landscaping or horticulture may be eligible for one of these programs. However, almost every Skilled Migration Route to Canada demands an LMIA. 

You can also work in Canada as a Gardener under Temporary Work Permits like TFWP, IMP, Seasonal Worker Visa, Graduate Visa, etc. But, you can’t apply for Permanent Residence while on Temporary Work Permits; you can only apply for a Work Visa extension.

Who can Apply for Visa Sponsorship Gardener/ Landscape Artist Jobs Canada 2024-25

There are no nationality specifications for Skilled Worker Visa Pathways of Canadian Immigration like the Federal Skilled Worker Program, PNP Program, etc. The factors that influence your successful journey in getting Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship/ Jobs in Canada for Foreigners in 2024 are: 

  • Education 
  • Work Experience 
  • Language Skills 
  • Age
  • Arranged Employment 
  • Adaptability 

However, we see the immigrants coming from the following countries witnessing a higher success rate of getting Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Canada for Foreigners 

Costa RicaItalyPoland
Czech RepublicRepublic of KoreaSan Marino

Visa Sponsorship Gardener/ Landscape Artist Jobs for Foreigners 2024-25

Verified Landscape Gardener Jobs Canada for Foreigners 2024

  • Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Cordeiro Maintenance Contractors Ltd
  • Experience of 1- less than 2 years
  • Part-Time and Permanent. $17 per hour
  • Apply fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides, pesticides, and other lawn care products. Apply various treatments such as pruning, spraying, repairing damaged areas, and injecting with treatment solutions. 
  • Apply Now

Gardener/ Landscape Horticulture Visa Sponsorship Available 

  • Kemble, ON
  • Full-Time and Permanent Job. $19 per hour
  • Work closely with all facets of the turf department team to ensure all plants and gardens on the golf course, clubhouse and boulevards are well-maintained
  • • Ensure that applicable homeowner’s gardens are upheld to the requirements as stated in the maintenance contracts.  Lead, direct, and motivate a small horticultural team.  On occasion, required to address members’ and guests’ questions on the topic of gardening/horticulture and provide minor consultation. Educate the horticultural team on, and perform routine duties to maintain the plant life at the property including watering, weeding, trimming, applying fertilizer, etc.
  • Previous Experience is not necessary but preferable 
  • Apply Now

Open Gardener Jobs for Immigrants Canada 2024-25

  • Yellowknife, NT, Canada
  • Full Time and Permanent. $30000 per month
  • Previous experience with power tools and hand tools preferred

. Knowledge of landscape maintenance techniques is a plus

  • Perform various manual labor tasks as assigned by the supervisor.  Assist with the installation and maintenance of landscape features.  Operate power tools and hand tools to complete assigned tasks
  • Apply Now


Visa Sponsorship Gardener/ Landscape Artist Jobs Canada 2024-25 jobs provide an amazing opportunity for international job seekers to live and work in a green and fervent Canadian Landscapes. While reaping several benefits and maintaining a high standard of living. To successfully move to work in Canada, you must first investigate specific job openings and visa requirements . Best of Luck !

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