Unskilled Jobs in Germany for Foreigners 2024

Germany’s thriving economy draws thousands of skilled professionals from around the world every year. The demand for low-skilled labor is driving this flood of workers. Manual labor that doesn’t require a high level of education or experience is crucial to German businesses.

You must satisfy several requirements before you can legally work in Germany. To begin, you’ll need a current visa. Applying at the German consulate or embassy in your own country will get you the work visa permit Germany requires. Second, you should be fluent in the target language. In Germany, German is the primary language spoken at work for most unskilled positions. Finally, non-citizen workers are expected to pay taxes and social security.

  • Maintenance workers
  • Dishwashers and kitchen assistants
  • cashiers and stock workers at grocery stores
  • Cleaners
  • Manufacturing and assembly line employees
  • Manual laborers and packers in a warehouse
  • Those who toil in the construction industry
  • Gardeners and landscapers
  • Helpers of the elderly and the physically impaired
  • Transporters
  • A Shop Assistant
  • Nanny
Unskilled jobs in Germany for foreigners 2023

Job Details

  • Name of Country: Germany
  • Unskilled labor
  • No Prior Experience Needed
  • Needed Prior Knowledge: None
  • Required Minimum Age Is 22
  • Sponsorship for Visas: Yes
  • Earnings: 9 Euros per hour


Some advantages of low-skilled work in Germany for international workers are outlined below.

  • Get a secure job and salary
  • Acquire real-world training
  • Acquire New Abilities
  • Travel to an exotic locale.
  • Become more fluent in the language.

Salary on Average

Unskilled worker pay ranges from position to position and company to company. See the list of low-skilled jobs and their median pay below.

  • Production line laborer: €10-€15 per hour
  • hourly wage of €9 to €13 for a retail salesperson
  • Employees in the hospitality business can expect an hourly wage of €9 to €12.
  • Housekeeper pay: €9-€12/hour
  • The hourly wage for a farmhand range from €9 to €12.


  • The ability to stand for extended periods of time and maintain good physical condition
  • Numerical and computer literacy
  • skills in paying attention to detail and following directions
  • ability to cooperate well with others
  • Some companies may provide preference to candidates who can speak German.

How to Apply for Unskilled jobs in Germany for foreigners 2024?

Applying for low-skilled jobs in Germany can be done in a variety of methods, but I find it easiest to use an internet job board. Many internet job advertising platforms make it possible for foreigners to locate low-skilled work in the United States. Here are some of the best online resources for finding low-skilled work in Germany as a foreigner.

Visit one of the previously mentioned sites and sign up to become a member. Simply type in “Unskilled jobs” or “other unskilled jobs,” and you’ll be presented with a selection of currently available positions in Germany; from there, you can apply directly by clicking the Apply Now option.

Before applying for a job, make sure you take the time to read the full description and fill out the application thoroughly.


Unskilled workers and those without formal education might find employment and financial stability in Germany. Above, we discussed everything you need to know and do to land a high-paying job offer even if you lack relevant experience or skills.

These tips should make it easier to find low-skilled work in Germany that will sponsor your visa. Those of you who are looking for a job in Germany should also take this advice carefully since it can make or break your chances of success.

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