House Cleaner Jobs in USA 2024 with Visa Sponsorship

Cleaning jobs in the US are lucrative and might lead to visa sponsorship due to a lack of unskilled workers. Housekeepers, office building cleaners, public area cleaners, janitors, babysitters, and other domestic workers in Asian and African countries will earn good salaries, visa sponsorship, and the chance to immigrate to a developed nation. Additionally, they might work in many domestic vocations. Read on for visa-sponsored US house cleaning jobs:

House Cleaner Jobs in USA 2024 with Visa Sponsorship

What a visa sponsorship?

“Visa Sponsorship” refers to all the steps a citizen takes to sponsor a tourist’s stay in their country. A relative, employer, or corporation that is a permanent resident or US citizen can sponsor you for a visa if you are not a citizen.

Family sponsorship is the most prevalent way to get a visa. Alternatively, if no family member will sponsor you. This allows employment-based visa sponsorship.

The employer sponsoring your visa will petition USCIS for your visa. Sponsorship from the US company will help the foreigner obtain a work permit.

US Housekeeper Jobs with Visa Sponsorship About the job: House Cleaner in the United States of America (USA).

  • Full-time and part-time work
  • Pay ranges from $15 to $17 per hour, and experience can increase it.
  • Visa sponsorship: I am,
  • Employee benefits: “Yes”
  • No prior knowledge is required.
  • No prior experience needed.
  • Employee benefits: “Yes”

US House Cleaning Job Requirements

For visa sponsorship, applicants must have a high school diploma or equivalent.

  • Proper driving license
  • Proficient in basic English reading and writing
  • Excellent cleaning product and material knowledge
  • Ability to lift and move heavy objects.
  • Remaining in capacity.
  • Permitted to work in the US.

Housekeeper Duties

  • Cleaning and disinfection.
  • advise the homeowner of health and safety risks.
  • Common cleaning tasks include vacuuming, sweeping, garbage can emptying, dusting shelves, window washing, and floor wiping. Dusting shelves is another common cleaning task.
  • ordering cleaning supplies in case the supply runs out.
  • Some cleaners also do dishes, laundry, ironing, and bed sheet and towel changes.
  • For extra pay, some housekeepers do laundry and errands.
  • When cleaning carpets and wood, use a vacuum and broom.
  • Arranging and maintaining home décor.
  • Depending on the size and age of the family, you may need to care for children or the elderly.
  • Washing building toilets and restrooms.
  • private and governmental sectors Housekeepers make mattresses for guests and perform turn-down service.

Home cleanliness, hygiene, and sanitization must be maintained.

Housekeeping in the US with Visa Benefits

Benefits Sponsoring housekeepers is vital in many residential and commercial facilities, making it a significant labor sector.

  • Visa sponsorship and relocation are available
  • Competent and attentive people can get permanent jobs. You can stay in Scandinavia if you keep working. You can apply for permanent immigration with a stable job.
  • A basic job, but one that pays handsomely
  • Overtime and extra labor like child care or transportation will boost your pay.
  • Many homeowners pay house cleaners and maids with free food and lodging because they desire a 24/7 worker.
  • Your client may pay for pick-up, drop-off, or public transportation. In that situation, US public transit is cheap.
  • US workers are compensated for high living costs with greater pay and benefits.
  • Medical, dental, and eye care are covered.
  • Additionally, if you have housekeeping experience, you may be able to clean hotels.

Housekeepers Salary

Consider how much you would make if you applied for jobs. Housekeepers get $15–$17 per hour. Their annual salary is $25,000–$30,000.

How to Apply for House Cleaner Jobs in USA 2024 with Visa Sponsorship

Applicants with healthcare experience, such as live-in caregiving, are encouraged to apply.

There is no availability limit for full-time or part-time schedules. Additional information will be provided during the interview.

Hourly wages start at $15.50.

Only online applications are accepted.

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