Finland Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2024 (Apply Online)

Finland, a member of the European Union and part of the Schengen area has been named the happiest country in the world for six consecutive years. In a recent development, the Finnish Immigration Service has released an updated list of companies eligible to provide sponsorship for Finnish visas in 2024. These reputed organizations are known as “Certified Employers”.

A certified employer in Finland is a company that has received official approval from the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) to employ foreign workers. While European citizens enjoy the privilege of working in Finland without the need for sponsorship, individuals from non-EU countries should look for job opportunities that offer work visa sponsorship.

Certified employers have gone through a rigorous vetting process and are officially registered with the Finnish Immigration Service. This recognition is usually given to employers who often hire a significant number of employees from outside Finland. For those interested in exploring career opportunities in this fascinating Nordic country, Finland’s list of verified employers serves as a valuable resource.

Finland’s commitment to ensuring a smooth and transparent process for foreign workers underscores its reputation as not only the happiest country in the world but also a destination for those seeking new horizons in their careers. is also. There is also a pleasant destination. Future and development also have a destination. So, whether you’re an EU citizen enjoying seamless mobility or a non-EU citizen on a trip to Finland, our list of verified employers in this beautiful Scandinavian haven is your best bet. Is. . is the gateway to the future.

Finland Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2023 (Apply Online)

Job Details

  • Job title: Finland Visa Sponsorship Jobs
  • Country: Finland
  • Minimum age: 21 years
  • Knowledge required: No
  • Experience required: Yes/ No

Finland-Certified Companies that Offer Visa Sponsorship Jobs

In the vibrant job market of Finland, there are 42 certified employers in 2024 who are actively seeking foreign applicants for various positions. These employers have been officially certified by the Finnish Immigration Service, making them a reliable source for job seekers looking to secure a visa sponsorship.

To explore these exciting job prospects, simply follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official list of certified employers by clicking on this link: Certified Employers in Finland.
  2. Once on the page, you’ll find a comprehensive list of certified employers. Feel free to browse through and take note of the company names that pique your interest.
  3. Next, visit the respective websites of these companies. Many of them often feature a dedicated “Careers” or “Jobs” section where you can explore current job openings.
  4. On their websites, you’ll find a wide range of job opportunities suitable for different skill sets and backgrounds. Take your time to review the available positions and qualifications.
  5. When you find a job that aligns with your skills and career goals, you can proceed to apply through the company’s official application process.

Keep in mind that the list of certified employers is updated weekly, so it’s a good idea to check back regularly for new opportunities.

Skills that are in Demand in Finland

  1. Information Technology (IT) and Software Development:
    • Software developers (especially Java, Python, C++, and mobile app developers).
    • Cybersecurity specialists.
    • Data scientists and analysts.
    • Cloud computing experts (e.g., AWS, Azure, Google Cloud).
  2. Healthcare and Life Sciences:
    • Registered nurses and healthcare professionals.
    • Medical doctors and specialists.
    • Biotechnology and pharmaceutical researchers.
    • Health informatics experts.
  3. Engineering and Technology:
    • Engineers (especially electrical, mechanical, and civil engineers).
    • Renewable energy specialists.
    • Robotics and automation engineers.
    • 5G and telecommunications experts.
  4. Digital Marketing and E-commerce:
    • Digital marketing managers and specialists.
    • E-commerce managers.
    • SEO and SEM specialists.
    • Content creators and social media managers.
  5. Education:
    • Teachers and educators, especially those with expertise in STEM subjects.
    • Early childhood education specialists.
    • Language teachers (e.g., English, German, French).
  6. Language Skills:
    • Proficiency in English is often required in many industries, but knowing Finnish or Swedish can be a significant advantage.
  7. Business and Finance:
    • Financial analysts and consultants.
    • Project managers and business development professionals.
    • Management consultants.
  8. Renewable Energy and Sustainability:
    • Renewable energy technicians and engineers.
    • Environmental experts and sustainability consultants.
    • Cleantech professionals.
  9. Design and Creative Arts:
    • Graphic designers and UX/UI designers.
    • Game developers and designers.
    • Industrial designers.
  10. Trade and Manufacturing:
    • Skilled labor in manufacturing and production industries.
    • Welders, machinists, and technicians.
    • Supply chain and logistics experts.
  11. Data and Analytics:
    • Business intelligence analysts.
    • Machine learning and AI specialists.
    • Data engineers and architects.
  12. Construction and Real Estate:
    • Construction managers and engineers.
    • Architects and urban planners.
    • Real estate agents and property managers.

How to Work in Finland as a Foreigner?

If you want to apply for jobs in Finland as a foreigner, you can visit the job posting website where you can see many job openings by Finnish employers. Below are some websites where you can find jobs in Finland very easily.

Finland Job Websites

  • Work in Finland:
  • Jobs in Finland:
  • Jobs Finland:
  • Euro Jobs:
  • Europa:
  • Relocateme:
  • EURES:

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