Healthcare Jobs in Lagos State 2024 – Top Healthcare Jobs

Health care jobs in Lagos State, Nigeria: Search and apply online for the best health care job openings in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Want to make a difference in healthcare but not sure where to start looking? Then your search is over; these Health Care positions in Lagos are ideal for you. Find the next step in your healthcare career with these job openings in Lagos.

Here is a breakdown of the various healthcare jobs available in Lagos, so you can pick the one that’s the best fit for you. Opticians, Neurologists, Clinical Specialists, Pharmacists, Medical Doctors, Nurses, Dentists, Account Managers, Medical Laboratory Scientists, Biomedical Engineers, Radiographers, Ultrasound Technicians, Cardiologists, and so on are all in demand in Lagos State.

Healthcare Jobs in Lagos State 2023/2024- Top Healthcare Jobs

Jobs of Highest Priority in the Healthcare Industry in Lagos State, 2024

Please see a list of currently available healthcare positions in Lagos, Nigeria for the year 2021 below. If any of the aforementioned openings pique your interest, read on for additional details;

Mindray is hiring a Clinical Application Specialist

When it comes to medical and health technologies, Mindray is among the best. Our efforts are focused on expanding access to high-quality medical treatment by improving the state of medical technology. A Clinical Application Specialist is needed who can establish and provide product application training to end-users, as well as assemble and examine products’ application and clinical information. The ideal candidate will have experience in the medical industry, as well as strong communication and coordination skills.

Troop Pharmacy Part-Time Pharmacist

One of Africa’s leading pharmaceutical companies, Troop Pharmacy, is looking to fill the position of Pharmacist with someone who has excellent communication skills, a background in information technology, and a thorough understanding of medication dosing, measurement, and more.

Doctor, MEDASSIST Clinical Team Leader

MED ASSIST is in a special position to provide exceptional care to their patients and customers. A doctor with strong relationship-building, communication, interpersonal, and leadership abilities is needed to prepare and analyze internal/external reports, set up monthly reviews, and assess the efficacy of clinical teams.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Confidentiality for Pharmacists

To record and compile prescriptions and maintain the smooth operation of the Pharmacy, Confidential Medical &Pharmaceutical seeks the services of an experienced Pharmacist who possesses interpersonal and relationship-building abilities as well as a Pharmacy certification.

Wellcare Home Medicals Ltd. Nurse

An experienced Nurse with strong credentials in the areas of listening, empathy, and communication is needed by Wellcare Home Medicals Ltd so that they can provide in-home care for their patients.

Healthrak, M.D.

Healthrak is looking for a qualified medical doctor who is up-to-date on the latest medical technology and has excellent people skills to treat patients and collaborate with a team of medical professionals.

AMARA MEDICARE Limited, Dentist, Ranks Eighth

AMARA MEDICARE Limited is an integrated healthcare facility specializing in ophthalmology, dentistry, and otolaryngology. An experienced Dentist with strong interpersonal, communication, and relationship-building abilities is needed to do dental exams, surgeries, and marketing for local businesses..

JJ & M Nig Ltd., Community Pharmacist

JJ & M Big Ltd is looking to hire a seasoned Community Pharmacist to manage the company’s drug distribution, patient care, and manufacturing operations.

Healthcare jobs in Lagos State, 2020: a frequently searched term

Career Opportunities in the Health Care Industry in Lagos

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How to Apply for Healthcare Jobs in Lagos State 2024 – Top Healthcare Jobs

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