House Maid Jobs In Abu Dhabi For Foreigners

Looking for Visa-sponsored Abu Dhabi maid/housekeeper jobs? Explore UAE capital domestic work opportunities. Find career stability and support.

Want to be an Abu Dhabi home career? Start your search here. This site provides all the visa-sponsored Abu Dhabi home care job facts you need. It lists the greatest recruiting firms, job duties, prerequisites, how to apply, and more. Other home care jobs are plentiful. Examples: cleaning, home care, geriatric care, babysitting, etc. After getting selected, you must apply for a visa if your firm doesn’t pay. You must renew every two years. UAE is a hub for foreign workers in skilled and unskilled jobs, making work visas easier to get. The UAE has 9.1 million inhabitants, 8 million of whom are foreign workers, according to the ILO.

Any general labor category visa can be used to work as a housekeeper or maid in Abu Dhabi. After taking a 3- to 6-month professional training course online or on the job, you can apply for a position with a domestic services or concierge company. You can also get a work visa yourself.

As a skilled career, it requires education and experience. Lucky for us, it doesn’t require much education or experience like some white-collar occupations. You may also search for “Homekeeper/Maid Jobs in Abu Dhabi with Visa Sponsorship” to find visa-sponsored positions. Start by learning about the work. At the bottom is an online application link.

We think anyone would reconsider turning down this employment offer, which includes a high school graduation, visa sponsorship, paid time off, and a yearly round-trip travel home. Read about Abu Dhabi Visa Sponsorship 2024 maid and housekeeper jobs:

House Maid Jobs In Abu Dhabi For Foreigners

Abu Dhabi Maid/Housekeeper Jobs with Visa Sponsorship

  • Maid/Housekeeper
  • Abu Dhabi, UAE.
  • AED 2000 monthly salary expected.
  • Visa sponsorship: Yes
  • Employment benefits: Contractual.
  • Free lodging: no (but many houses agree)
  • A contract may include free food.
  • Minimum age: 18+

Abu Dhabi housekeeper/maid visa sponsorship requirements

Business employment (such at foreign schools, daycares, hotels, guest homes, etc.) requires a high school diploma, whereas household jobs don’t.

  • Know basic English and Arabic.
  • My housekeeping experience is at least one year.
  • Professional light vehicle driver’s license (given by the UAE’s RTA or an RTA-approved foreign category)
  • Knowledge about dogs and pet care.
  • Simple food skills
  • Cleaning and home maintenance basics
  • Join or receive a license from a housekeeping, home concierge, or other domestic services company.

Maid/housekeeper duties

  • Look after kids when their parents are away.
  • Make kids’ meals and snacks as instructed by their parents.
  • Watch over kids when their parents are away and make sure they eat, do homework, play, find their way, etc.
  • Since teens aren’t babies or toddlers, they can clean themselves but watch out for mistakes.
  • Take the child to the park, swim, karate, or other social events to help them develop socially. When parents are away, you must supervise children’s visits with visitors.
  • Drop off kids at school and other events.
  • They prepare their beds and do laundry while the kids are at school. Make sure their lunch and snacks are ready when they return.
  • Monitor your kids’ daily activities and health.
  • In addition to caring for the kids, you must run the house without your parents.
  • Nannies and carers need certain personality traits and skills.
  • Good speaking and active listening skills are required.
  • Must be patient and lively with kids
  • Must be available whenever parents want
  • Should know a lot about brain games, video games, physical activities, and other 13–16-year-old interests
  • Must pay attention to details and seek ways to improve work in every way.

Benefits of Abu Dhabi Housekeeper/Maid Jobs Visa sponsorship

  • Sponsor a one-year visa that would be renewed annually.
  • Pay for 30 vacation and holiday days.
  • Work in demanding homes or families can provide free food and housing.
  • Job contracts offer many benefits.
  • Protection of health.
  • Annual round-trip airfare to your country from your service.
  • You get one day off per week.
  • Many companies provide separate rooms with bathrooms and basic supplies.
  • Average Abu Dhabi Maid/Housekeeper Salary Visa sponsorship


Besides experience, an entry-level maid or housekeeper’s compensation depends on geography, shift times, company salary standards, and where he works. However, Indeed polled and discovered 41 salaries. Average monthly incomes were 1,998–3,103 AED. UAE Labour reports that Abu Dhabi cleaners earn AED1,800 per month. According to polls of random UAE employers and workers, this employer pays almost the average (AED 2000 = 2,105).

How to apply for Abu Dhabi visa-sponsored housekeeping/maid jobs?

  • Visit the official job search website by clicking below. Apply via the button below the job description.
  • Select Abu Dhabi from the bar below the search bar.
  • If you stay up with market trends, your firm may notice how your CV, resume, and cover letter are formatted.
  • Review the job posting’s employment description, requirements, and obligations.
  • Check the requirements before applying. Examine the job and its prerequisites.
  • Click “Online Application” below.
  • Send the form with the required information.
  • See if you received a job application confirmation email.

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