Online Jobs in Nigeria 2024 

What should we do with Nigerian online jobs, telecommuting, and flexible schedules? We do indeed snag them. These online jobs in Nigeria are the ideal option for those looking for good work with a good salary and good benefits. Applying for these Nigerian jobs is as easy as clicking a mouse.

Online employment opportunities in Nigeria are detailed below. You can find work as a freelance writer, an SEO specialist, a web developer, a data entry clerk, a survey taker, a translator, a social media manager, a salesperson, a customer service rep, a virtual assistant, and so on and so forth in Nigeria.

Online jobs in Nigeria 2023/2024 

Currently hiring for online positions in Nigeria

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One Learn is looking for an online tutor that is proficient in Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Project.

Manager of Online Strategy and Social Media at Skin Esthetique

Skin Esthetique is looking for a social media manager and online strategist with strong writing, editing, and publishing skills to help with the company’s online presence.

TeacherOn, a web-based typing tutor

Teacher On is in need of a skilled Keyboard tutor that can provide professional-level instruction to their students.

NEVADA BRIDGE TV’s Fourth Online Marketer

Advertise, promote, and market NEVADA BRIDGE TV’s application with the help of an influential and enthusiastic Online Marketer.

TeamAce Limited’s Paid Ads Specialist, Position

TeamAce is looking to hire a Paid Ads Specialist with strong knowledge of SEO to increase advertising revenue.

Research Program Manager, Reboot Nigeria

To help with media development and civic technology, Reboot Nigeria is looking for a dedicated and methodical Program Manager to join their team.

Jobberman Account Research Analyst (Executive Assistant I)

A Research Analyst with excellent analytical skills is needed by Jobberman Account to aid in the company’s strategy, planning, and ideation processes, as well as its growth and development.

How to Apply for remote work from Nigeria?

There is no way to lawfully perform remote work in the US while being physically located in Nigeria. Click here for details.

Working for a US-based corporation from outside the US is, in general, governed by the same legal standards as working in the US.

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