Spoken English & Grammar Teacher Jobs in China Visa Sponsorship

Gogo Reading, a Beijing-based English language literacy institute serving children ages 6-11, is looking for native English speakers to teach in the institute’s Chaoyang and Haidian neighborhoods. Weekends are mandatory, but Monday and Tuesday of the next week are yours to relax.

You have to educate youngsters on how to read English books (both academic and tale books), chat with them when the books are done, and teach them spoken English, grammar, and writing. See below for information on available English teaching positions in China, including details on housing and visa sponsorship.

Spoken English & Grammar Teacher Jobs in China Visa Sponsorship

Specifics about Available Positions for English Language Instructors in China

  • China as a Job Country
  • Professional Development
  • Job Description: Educator (Permanent and Temporary)
  • Requirements For Entry: None
  • Needed: Formal Education
  • Needed: Prior Experience To be covered in the upcoming interview
  • Limits on Age, Neither
  • Payment for Visas
  • Moving, Yes
  • To some extent, yes
  • Annual Salary to be Discussed in Interview

  • (Optional) Prior teaching experience is preferred.
  • A degree in the arts
  • A degree in education is preferred but not essential.
  • legally able to find employment in China.
  • Must be comfortable and effective in communicating with young people

Who Can Apply for Spoken English & Grammar Teacher Jobs in China with Visa Sponsorship?

In addition to the aforementioned countries, we also receive applications from Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and Trinidad and Tobago. Anyone from any country is welcome to join.

Duties of a Grammar and Conversation Instructor at Gogo Academy

After reading, have a conversation with the child about what they’ve read. It usually takes about 10 minutes for each child.

  • Assist struggling students in completing their book reports.
  • Assist them in both oral and written communication by assisting them with their language skills.
  • Take control of the pupils when they need assistance in the library.
  • Payment for Visas
  • Rewarding Wages
  • Simple task
  • Holidays off work with pay
  • Free Room and Board

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