Unskilled Jobs in Switzerland for foreigners with visa Sponsorship 2024

Are you looking for jobs in Switzerland that will sponsor your visa and are not skilled? Numerous inexperienced Asian employees desire to go to Switzerland and find employment there, but they are unsure of where these positions are located, how to apply for them, what qualifications they require, etc. You should not fear if you are one of these job seekers. Every job type in Switzerland has been fully described, along with all of its attributes.

The labour market in Switzerland is fairly large, and both locals and foreigners can readily find employment there. You won’t run into any issues if you know which employers will sponsor your visa and how to apply for a Swiss work visa without a job sponsor. You don’t need a lot of schooling to support a visa. There are numerous positions that don’t call for a lot of expertise. All you need is a little experience, a clean criminal background, and a solid medical history. Direct online applications can be submitted by clicking the “Apply Now” button.

Unskilled jobs in Switzerland for foreigners  with visa sponsorship 2023

Information on Skilled Jobs in Switzerland with Sponsored Visa

  • Working title: Unskilled personnel
  • Switzerland is the place.
  • No knowledge is necessary.
  • Experience is mostly necessary.
  • Minimum age is 21.
  • Sponsoring a visa: Yes or no.

Switzerland offers a variety of work visas, including long-term B work permits, short-term L permits for summer occupations, and even residence permits for those with compelling justifications.

Job Categories in Switzerland for Unskilled Work

  • Jobs in Customer Service/Support
  • Scientists of data.
  • Caretakers or nannies.
  • Representatives for learning support.
  • Jobs for assistant staff.
  • Community health professionals.
  • Representatives for sales.
  • Agents for translation services.
  • Jobs in finance and financial analysis.
  • Nurses and medical assistants.
  • Warehouse personnel.
  • Factory employees.
  • HR positions.
  • (ESL) English language instructors.
  • Security personnel.
  • Accountants.
  • Packers.
  • Custodians.
  • Car wash employees.
  • Sanitation/Cleaning Personnel.
  • loaders and pickers.
  • Construction personnel.
  • Landscapers on the team.

How to get a sponsor for a work visa in Switzerland

The European Union (EU) is made up of members like Switzerland. To live and work in Switzerland, a visa is required for non-EU nationals. The job posting you’re looking for must have been available for at least a month on the website. It is your employer who will request your work visa. You must independently apply for a work visa from Switzerland once you receive the pass from the Swiss Labour Authorities. Every two years, you must renew this pass because it expires. If you want PR, you must wait five years. It’s also crucial to keep in mind that the requirements for obtaining a visa are harsher and longer for unskilled workers than for tech or skilled personnel. The most crucial factors are:

Along with a reference letter and pay stubs from the previous six months, you must provide proof of work.

Salary Package:

  • In your own country or any other country where you have lived for a year, you have never been convicted of a crime.
  • Proof of health insurance, at least for EUR 30,000.
  • Evidence that you have visited Switzerland.
  • You have at least 200,000 PKR, according to official bank records from the previous six months.
  • Certificate for Maintaining an Open Bank Account.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Legal documents pertaining to vaccines.

Switzerland average wage for unskilled workers

It depends on a variety of factors, including the candidate’s profile, credentials, work history, the industry he works in, etc. However, Portugal’s minimum wage is an average of €822.5 per month.

How to Apply for Unskilled Jobs in Switzerland for Foreigners

  • Jobs without Experience in Switzerland on Indeed.
  • On Indeed, you must first create an account.
  • The list of low-skill employment in Portugal that will cover the cost of your visa is available by clicking the link below.
  • Now select the position, read the job description, and press the “Apply now” option.
  • Jobs for Skilled Workers in Switzerland on Simply Hired with Sponsored Visa
  • You must first create an account on SimplyHired.com.
  • Now select the position, read the job description, and press the “Apply now” option.
  • All you have to do to apply for well-paying unskilled employment in Switzerland with visa sponsorship as a foreign worker is click the “apply now” link below.
  • You can see hundreds of vacant positions while on the landing page, but you must access the most recent ones to see the qualifications and the application process.


Without a shadow of a doubt, unskilled jobs rank among the top career options for foreign or international job seekers who want to work legally while abroad in Switzerland.

You don’t need any further information in order to secure a high-paying job in Switzerland as an overseas applicant without a degree. In the last section, we covered everything there is to know about unskilled occupations, including how to apply for the highest-paid ones.

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