List of Countries Offering Work Visas for Fruit Pickers in 2024

Fruit picker jobs have become a beacon for students, travelers, and temporary workers seeking seasonal employment. This type of work spans agriculture, construction, and tourism, offering a unique experience to individuals looking for temporary opportunities. In this detailed post, we will explore the list of countries that actively provide work visas for fruit pickers in 2024, outlining the benefits, visa details, and essential information for those interested in this seasonal profession.

United States

  • Visa Name: US H2A Agriculture Visa
  • Activity Type: Planting, cultivating, and harvesting crops
  • Benefits: Employer covers attorney or agent fees, application fees, and recruitment costs.


  • Program Name: Temporary Foreign Agricultural Worker Program
  • Visa Type: Agriculture Worker
  • Activity Type: Farm Workers, Fruit Picker, Agriculture, Horticulture
  • Benefits: Employer covers transportation, health insurance, and accommodation.

United Kingdom (UK)

  • Visa Name: UK Seasonal Worker Visa
  • No of Visas: 45,000 for horticulture and 2,000 for poultry
  • Activity Type: Horticulture and Poultry sectors.

New Zealand

  • Visa Name: Recognized Seasonal Employer Limited Visa, Working Holiday Visa
  • No of Visas: 19,500 (fixed quota)
  • Activity Type: Planting, maintaining, harvesting, and packing crops.


  • Visa Name: PALM scheme and Working Holiday Visa
  • Activity Type: Agriculture


  • Visa Name: Japan Specified Skilled Workers
  • Activity Type: Agriculture, Nursing, Fishery and Aquaculture, Accommodation, etc.

List of Countries in Europe Offering Seasonal Worker Visas


  • Visa Name: Seasonal Work Permit
  • Activity Type: Agriculture and forestry, Tourism and hospitality, Construction, Manufacturing, Cleaning, and other services.


  • Visa Name: Temporary stay visa for seasonal work
  • Activity Type: Agriculture, Hospitality, Restaurants, Food and liquor industries, Wholesale and retail commerce, Construction, Land transport.


  • Visa Name: Belgium Seasonal Worker Permit


  • Visa Name: Malta Seasonal Worker


  • Visa Name: Slovakia Seasonal Visa
  • Activity Type: Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Industrial production, Construction, Accommodation, and Catering services.


  • Visa Name: Italy Seasonal Visa
  • No of Visas: 89,050


  • Visa Name: Travailleur Saisonnier (Seasonal Worker)
  • Activities: Fruit and vegetable pickers, farmers, Ski instructors, Hotel staff, Restaurant staff, Campsite staff, and Lifeguards.
  • No of Visas: 88,200 for farmers, and agricultural, 149,100 for winegrowers, arboriculturists, and crop pickers.

Popular Websites to Find Fruit Picker Jobs

Australia & New Zealand: SEEK, Agri Labour Australia

  • Canada: Job Bank
  • Europe: EURES
  • USA: Department of Labor, H-2A Temporary Agricultural Workers Program,


Embarking on a journey as a fruit picker in 2024 opens doors to unique experiences and opportunities in various corners of the world. This comprehensive guide provides valuable insights into the countries offering work visas, the benefits associated with each program, and reputable websites to find these coveted seasonal jobs. As you consider your options, remember to research living conditions, wages, and worker rights for a fulfilling seasonal work experience. May your fruit picking adventure be bountiful and rewarding!

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