Accounting Jobs in Canada 2024

Interested in a rewarding accounting career in Canada? Several well-paying finance positions are available in Canada. In Canada, many people who work in accounting do so on the side. Those ideal jobs are still up for applications.

Bookkeepers, accounting assistants, accounting clerks, etc., all share a common focus: they are experts in the subject of accounting. Canada is a great place to find a job in accounting, no matter what you’re looking for.

Visa sponsorship is available for several positions in Canada’s accounting industry. We have compiled a list of the 20 best accounting jobs in Canada, both for Canadians and international students. Some of these careers in accounting pay well and are in high demand in Canada.

Canada’s accounting Job requirements

If you’re a CPA in Canada, you’ll need these qualifications to get hired:

  • Required skills include using computers and entering data
  • Needs to be able to think critically
  • A solid foundation in accounting principles and practices is required
  • The ability to work alone is a must.
  • You need a degree in an area that uses mathematics, such as business, finance, economics, etc.

Canada’s 20 best accounting-related careers

The following are open positions in accounting that you may be interested in applying for:

  • Block’s head of accounting
  • Various mid-sized companies as an intermediate/senior accountant
  • Interlerad’s accounting department staff
  • Accounting for Investment Funds Senior, CIBC Mellon
  • Part-time senior accounting position at Lafarge
  • RBC External Equity Research Analyst
  • Worked as a financial analyst at BNP Paribas
  • TTEC’s accounting department
  • SS&C’s chief accountant
  • Employment Network Canada Inc. junior accountant
  • Payroll accountant working for Robert Half in Canada
  • Hybrid Accountant in General Accounting at Randstad
  • Full-time employee in the accounting department
  • Providence Health Care’s Coordinator of Capital Accounting
  • Certified Public Accountant at Round World Immigration Ltd
  • Analyst in the Ministry of Health’s Budget
  • Fast Forward French, Inc. accounting assistant
  • An official in charge of Burlington Hydro’s finances
  • Payroll specialist at the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority

How to Apply for Accounting Jobs in Canada 2024

We hope you found this information helpful in learning more about accounting careers in Canada. Stay tuned for further information. Click here for more details.

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