Visa sponsorship jobs in Ethiopia for foreigners 2024

Jobs in Ethiopia that can help you get a work visa! 2024! Located in the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia is a dangerous landlocked country that is split in two by the Great Rift Valley. More than 3 million years of human history have been uncovered at this site.

Ethiopia boasts Africa’s eleventh-largest economy thanks to the country’s enormous population, a wealth of natural resources, and a plethora of trade partnerships. Agriculture, mining, and chemical manufacturing are its primary economic activities. Public sector employment is significant, especially in the country’s banking, energy, and telecommunications industries.

A valid VISA is required for employment in Ethiopia. Get a job there first, as your employer there is likely to back your application. This article will provide you with information on working in Ethiopia, including the several forms of work visas, companies that sponsor visas for foreign people, and other relevant details.

Visa sponsorship jobs in Ethiopia for foreigners

Ethiopic Job Market

Lots of people want to work in Ethiopia since the economy is booming. There are plenty of opportunities for both seasoned experts and those just starting out in their fields across the nation’s many thriving businesses.

Different Types of Work Visas

If you are sending non-native employees abroad, you are responsible for obtaining the appropriate business visa on their behalf. Several types of business visas are accepted within the country:

  • Work temporarily for a foreign company for a month on a visa issued by a country other than the one in which you currently reside.
  • An NGO work visa (NGO) is available to foreign nationals who have been invited to work for an NGO.
  • To enter the country for the purpose of attending a conference, seminar, or workshop.
  • Non-citizens who are hired by international organizations or embassies can apply for work visas.
  • Foreign nationals who are employed by the Ethiopian government are eligible for work visas.
  • Those in the professions of journalism, filmmaking, and photography
  • Investors can get an investment visa if they are invited to do so by a company.
  • If you have a visa for Ethiopian private enterprises, you may be eligible for temporary employment with an Ethiopian-owned firm.
  • For foreign nationals entering the country on behalf of another government, the government may issue a temporary work visa valid for a maximum of six months.

How to Apply for a Work Visa in Ethiopia

Discussing each worker’s nationality and status can help you determine the documentation they’ll need to enter and work in the country. When you contact the embassy, they will be able to provide you with the latest updates on immigration legislation and other relevant problems.

You should submit your application as soon as possible because there may be a lengthy wait for your people afterward. Obtaining work visas for Ethiopia for non-national recruits might be a complicated process, but there are some fundamental guidelines you can follow.

  • Determine from the appropriate embassy the documentation requirements for each employee’s visa application.
  • The onus is on workers to present their employers with complete and up-to-date documentation.
  • Visa applications and other papers should be sent to the embassy.
  • Do not confirm any further actions until the application has been accepted.

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