Visa Sponsorship Sales Associate Jobs in Canada

Canada Sales Associate Jobs that Sponsor Visas: Rogers Communications is looking for enthusiastic foreign nationals to fill Sales Associate positions in Ontario, Canada. These positions sponsor visas, allowing foreign nationals to join our team and contribute to the growth of our media and communications offerings.

Visa Sponsorship Sales Associate Jobs in Canada

Canada Sales Associate Jobs That Sponsor Visas

  • Canada Sales Associate Jobs with Visa Sponsorship.
  • Rogers Communications Inc.
  • Address: 3800 Memorial Dr. NE, Calgary, Alberta
  • Ten positions are open.
  • Hourly Rates: $20 – $40 in Canada
  • Canadian Country
  • Words Spoken: English

Capabilities and Work History:

  • Sales experience or experience working directly with customers is highly desired.
  • Communicating effectively calls for native-level oral and written English skills.
  • Possibility of obtaining work sponsorship for entry into Canada
  • As a Sales Associate at Rogers Communications, you can be responsible for things like:
  • Providing details about your product and responding to customer inquiries.
  • handling sales transactions and order processing.
  • Promotion and advertising of services related to telecommunications and the media.
  • Accomplishing one’s sales quota and then some.
  • Taking care of customer issues and making their experience a positive one.
  • Compliance with established company practices.
  • Canada Sales Associate Jobs Requirements for Visa Sponsorship:
  • Superior sociability and fluency in verbal and written expression.
  • Competence in a highly competitive sales setting.
  • Familiarity with computer hardware and software.
  • Desire to learn and adapt to new products and services.
  • Having prior work experience in the telecoms sector is very desirable.

Context of Work:

You’ll be joining Rogers Communications, a multinational media and communications corporation known for its dedication to cutting-edge service and satisfied customers. Our office is a warm and friendly place to work that encourages teamwork and individual growth.

  • Those who qualify will receive visa sponsorship.
  • Competitive base pay plus bonus potential.
  • There are several opportunities for learning and growth.
  • Affirmative action is practiced at Rogers Communications.

Sales Associate Jobs in Canada That Offer Sponsorship for Foreign Workers:

Sponsored work visas make it possible for foreign nationals to apply for work in Canada. This is helpful for people who aren’t Canadian citizens or permanent residents but wish to work and live in the country.

Canada allows permanent residency for some kinds of skilled workers, most notably sales associates. This paves the way to settling down in Canada for the foreseeable future and, who knows, maybe even becoming a citizen.

Working as a Sales Associate in Canada provides a unique opportunity to get valuable job experience while expanding one’s horizons in terms of their skill set, customer service prowess, and understanding of the business as a whole.

Workers from all over the world who come to Canada with the help of visa sponsors learn about Canadian customs and customary business practices and have the opportunity to network with professionals in their field. The relationships you build through networking can open doors to new opportunities and partnerships with clients and coworkers.

Having a steady income from work authorized by a Canadian visa sponsor makes it possible to pay bills, save for the future, and invest in one’s family’s well-being in Canada.

How to Apply for Visa Sponsored Sales Associate Positions in Canada

To apply for Sales Associate opportunities at Rogers Communications in Canada, please visit our official employment website by following the link below and submitting your application. Follow the online application process as outlined. Click here for more information.


Anyone with a flair for sales and customer care is encouraged to apply to become a Sales Associate at Rogers Communications in Canada. You’ll be joining a growing company that is at the forefront of its field, and you’ll be helping us achieve our mission of bringing together professionals from all walks of life. Rogers Communications is committed to diversity and inclusion, and we encourage applications from all eligible individuals.

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