Farming Jobs in UK for foreigner in 2024

Foreign nationals seeking entry-level work in the UK have a viable option in the form of farm labor sponsorship visas. It’s not only not far to travel to the UK, but also the visa process is simple. There is a severe labor shortage in the United Kingdom since the country wants to increase employment by more than 3 million people; as a result, more than 46,000 businesses in the United Kingdom offer visa sponsorship to foreign workers.

Since they are all fully licensed by the UK government, they can legitimately sponsor people from all over the world. Employment rates for recent college graduates in the agricultural sector are extremely high, and agriculture is one of the UK’s fastest-growing industries.

Jobs that can sponsor your UK farming visa are plentiful in England. There is a wide variety of farming jobs available in the UK, both domestically and abroad, in the private and public sectors. Below is a list of companies that will sponsor foreign agricultural workers for work in the United Kingdom in 2024.

Farming Jobs in UK for foreigner in 2023

UK Farm Worker Visa Sponsorship Job Information for 2024

  • Place of Employment: Great Britain
  • Agriculture as a Business
  • Classification: Farm Workers
  • Required Level of Skill: None
  • Needed Details: Not Too Much
  • Limit of 18 years of age.
  • We can help you get a visa.
  • Moving: No Problem
  • Annual salary of £32,500. Standard hourly wage of £12.19

Where can I go to get a sponsor for a UK visa?

  • Your certificate of sponsorship’s reference number will be supplied by your sponsor.
  • You can only use the sponsorship certificate reference number once, so be sure to include it in your visa application.
  • Benefits, or a Package Deal
  • Free lodging (about $30 weekly)
  • Help Getting a Visa
  • Effects of Flight
  • Timing of Work
  • 48 hours a week
  • More time away from civilization
  • Changing work schedules
  • No British farmers exist.
  • About 70,000 yearly migrant workers will be essential to the UK farm industry.
  • There were around 216,000 farm properties in the United Kingdom’s agricultural sector in 2021.
  • As of the year 2022, it is predicted that there will be approximately 92,100 farmers active in the UK.
  • Seventy-one percent of the land area and one percent of the labor force (around 467,000 people) in the United Kingdom are devoted to agriculture.

Who can Apply?

The Farm Working Jobs are open to applicants from any country who have the required documentation and supply letter from the UK.

Farm Worker Accountability

The tasks you perform on a daily basis will vary with the season and the type of farm you work for.

You might be able to:

  • Picking Out Fruit
  • Produce Packaging
  • Picking Out Veggies and Fruits
  • Tend to and feed the livestock.
  • Take action to prevent disease in animals and crops.
  • Fixing and operating tractors and milking machines on dairy farms
  • Protect Rural Structures
  • Cut back overgrown bushes, clean out drainage systems, and fix damaged fences and walls.

The Responsibilities of a Farmer

The ideal job description for a farmer would include responsibilities like:

  • Fix farm equipment so it can be used to plant seeds, gather produce, and transport goods.
  • Represent a farm or ranch as a sales representative
  • Consider elements including current prices, federal aid programs, and soil quality when planning your crop or livestock production.
  • Change how they work based on external factors like the weather or the growth cycle of a crop.
  • Herd animals and oversee the planting, fertilizing, harvesting, and grazing of crops. Upkeep of farm infrastructure including irrigation systems, fencing, and housing for livestock.
  • Pick out and buy necessities like planting materials, fertilizer, and farm equipment.
  • Maintain accurate accounting, payroll, and other records
  • Working with one’s hands.
  • Doing repairs around the farm.
  • Working with bulky equipment.
  • Fixing broken equipment and vehicles.
  • Controlling farm operations.
  • Managing a team of farm hands.
  • Making plans for a harvest or a breeding cycle.
  • Communicating with customers.
  • Needed Abilities, Knowledge, and Experience for Farmers

The typical farmer should have the following abilities and experiences:

  • A history of working in the agricultural sector.
  • Ability to convey ideas effectively.
  • You need to be in good shape.
  • One whose hand-eye coordination is superb.
  • Competence in using modern farming methods.
  • competent in working lengthy shifts away from home.
  • Opportunities for Employment on UK Farms
  • Director of Agriculture
  • Produce Supervisor
  • Manager of Produce’s Helper
  • Farmhands who labor the winter harvest
  • Members of the in-store staff
  • Specialized carriers
  • Officer of Quality Assurance
  • Manager of a farm
  • Workers in General Tasks
  • Irrigationists, farmers, etc.

The United Kingdom’s agricultural sector offers a wide variety of work opportunities for people with varying levels of education and experience.

Salary Package

The salary range for general farm laborers in the UK is detailed below.

Salary-Explorer found that the median yearly income for a farm worker in the United Kingdom is $21,900. This annual sum is typically between 10,700 and 34,200 GBP.

The salary paid to farm employees in the UK is determined by a number of factors, including the nature of the labor, the worker’s position on the farm, the parties’ mutual understanding, and the employer’s financial stability.

After reading the income range and job description, are you still interested in UK agricultural jobs? We’ll then tell you about the best farm jobs in the UK that will sponsor your visa so that you can move forward.

How to Apply for Farming Jobs in the UK for foreigners?

For information about sponsorship for agricultural work in the United Kingdom, click the “Application Link” below.

Working on UK Farms Without a Sponsor

There are some job offers in the agricultural sector that don’t require the business to “sponsor” your vacation to or stay in the United Kingdom.

For obvious financial and administrative reasons, these job opportunities are typically only considered by people already based in the UK.

Please click the apply link below to be taken to the most up-to-date listing of agricultural employment in the United Kingdom that does not require a sponsor’s visa.

Apply Now


This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for international applicants: high paid Farm Jobs in the UK with visa sponsorship.

We covered everything there is to know about agricultural employment opportunities in the United Kingdom, both for those from outside the nation and for people already residing there, so we hope you found it useful.

In the preceding section, we discussed the whole job description for agricultural/farm job employment, including the requirements for employment, duties and responsibilities, and the typical income of farm workers in the UK.

If you’re looking for a job on a farm in the United Kingdom, you may find a list of recommended resources and application links below.

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