HGV truck driver jobs in UK in 2024 with visa sponsorship

Truck Driving Jobs in the UK, GB, and NI for International Candidates that require a Sponsored Visa, Serving the world’s hungry is more than just a job for us; it’s the driving force behind all we do.

With over twenty thousand employees in over one hundred countries, Lineage is unrivaled in the field of temperature-controlled supply solutions.

Jobandtalent, a top workforce management platform, is always on the lookout for qualified and ambitious Truck Drivers to join our team in the United Kingdom. For non-British drivers interested in working in the transportation sector of the UK economy, this is a fantastic opportunity. You will play an essential role in the effective and safe delivery of goods to numerous locations as a Truck Driver with visa sponsorship in the United Kingdom.

  • Title: Truck Driving Jobs in the UK That Will Help You Get a Visa
  • Jobandtalent, Inc.
  • Different Places in the United Kingdom
  • Income: $15.00 – $30.00
HGV truck driver jobs in UK in 2023 with visa sponsorship


  • High School // University Degree / Certificate
  • Experience
  • One to Three Years of Relevant Work Experience

Principal Duties:

Drive commercial vehicles in accordance with all applicable UK traffic laws and norms, allowing for the safe movement of products.

Follow the given delivery schedule and routes to ensure that all orders are fulfilled on time.

  • Regularly inspect the truck before and after each journey, notifying management of any technical problems or maintenance needs.
  • All paperwork and electronic logs, such as those for deliveries, fuel use, and routine maintenance, must be completed precisely.
  • Responsible loading and unloading of cargo is essential to the safe transportation of products.
  • Interact with customers and clients in a courteous and professional manner while providing first-rate customer service.
  • Service and answering any questions or addressing any delivery-related problems.
  • Optimize delivery times with careful route planning that takes traffic and other potential delays into account.
  • Keep in close contact with the dispatch staff and inform them of any delays or problems as soon as possible.


  • Foreign applicants must meet the requirements for visa sponsorship in order to legally work in the United Kingdom.
  • A valid Category C (Class 2) driving license from the United Kingdom is required.
  • A valid Category C (Class 2) driving license from the United Kingdom is required.
  • Ideally, you’ll have some experience behind the wheel of a truck or other large commercial vehicle.


  • Expertise in driving safely, working with freight, and caring for vehicles.
  • The ability to express oneself clearly and concisely in English; is essential for communicating with coworkers and clients.
  • Ability to do the physical tasks associated with the position, such as lifting and carrying heavy loads, is a must.
  • Ability to work irregular hours (such as nights, weekends, and overtime) as needed by the business.
  • Dependability: Consistent adherence to delivery deadlines through strict punctuality and personal accountability.


  • Salary Packages That Can Compete
  • Assistance with obtaining a visa for qualified applicants
  • Benefits such as vacation and sick pay
  • Retirement plan
  • Compensation and benefit plans for staff
  • Possibilities for professional growth in Jobandtalent’s transportation sector

Apply Online for HGV truck driver jobs in UK in 2024 with visa sponsorship

Follow the link below to access the main employment portal. To submit your application, click theApply button that appears just below the job description.

You can also use yourself as a job search tool by entering keywords into the search bar and selecting a location from the drop-down menu. Job titles like “HGV Truck Driver for foreigners/with visa sponsorship,” “Truck Driver Jobs in Ireland/UK for Working Holiday Workers,” “Driver Jobs in Northern Ireland/UK for foreigners with visa sponsorship,” and “Driver Jobs Food Processing Industry Ireland/UK for foreigners/Lorry Driver Jobs UK with visa sponsorship” are examples of what you could type.

  • To get more relevant results, select the specific Irish city you’re looking for in the location bar to the right of the search box.
  • Since your manager will certainly take note of the format and presentation of your CV, resume, and cover letter, it is in your best interest to maintain them current with industry standards.
  • Check over the job description, criteria, duties, etc., listed on the posting.
  • Make sure you qualify in every way before submitting an application. Examine the job description and duties with great care.
  • To apply online, please select the “Online Application” button.
  • Please complete the application by providing the requested information.
  • See if you received a reply to your job application email.

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