Housekeeping jobs in Norway with visa sponsorship 2024

Norway welcomes those from outside the European Union and the European Economic Area. Norway is now able to sponsor foreign workers for visas. It’s possible to apply for a number of different types of work visas in Norway. Professionals, students, seasonal workers, the self-employed, and members of charitable, religious, and secular organizations are all good places to start looking.

A job offer letter from a Norwegian company is required. Then, you can submit an application for a work visa. Several in-demand areas of Norway’s financial system are open to qualified applicants. There is a great chance of acceptance for foreigners who possess these in-demand skills. The Norwegian Embassy is where you can apply for a visa. Jobs can be found at a wide variety of Norwegian businesses and institutions.

There are millions of people living there on indeed, and English is the second most common language after Norwegian. Studying in Norway is free for international students. Regular full-time availability is preferred. Your application for a visa to enter the country will be remembered by the embassy. In this article, you’ll learn about the most in-demand professions in Norway, where a wide range of opportunities await those with the right set of skills. Join us and take in the essential information that follows.

Housekeeping jobs in Norway with visa sponsorship 2023

Employment Opportunities in Norway for Foreign Nationals

  • Popular occupations open to non-citizens:
  • Jobs in Engineering
  • Jobs for Developers
  • Work in Information Technology and Communications
  • Training Employees
  • Jobs Generators
  • Jobs in the Tourism Industry
  • Permitted Employment
  • Vacancies in the Fishing Industry
  • Energy Industry Employment
  • Careers in Tourist Attractions
  • Work in Construction and New Development
  • Medical & Nursing Employment

Look here for details on the many types of workers, from professionals to seasonal workers to those in exchange and training programs to those in the maritime industry.

Documentation Criteria for Housekeeping Positions in Norway that Provide Sponsorship for a Work Visa:

Work visas are good for two years, permanent Immigration is available for an indefinite stay, and seasonal work visas are valid for up to six months and can be extended, but only if you are not a citizen of Norway or a Nordic country. You can apply for this visa on your own, or your company can do so on your behalf.  To learn everything there is to know about working in Norway, click here.

Most companies (those catering to individual consumers) don’t need a certain level of education from their employees, but hotels, dorms, and other commercial housing facilities typically do.

English is not a common language in Norway. You should be able to communicate in Norwegian at a very basic level. However, English may be recognized as the major language of communication by many worldwide businesses and sectors.

Professional cleaning, housekeeping, or household management courses are valuable additions to a resume or CV. Courses like these can be found online from reputable institutions like the European Institutes.

You must always be prepared, clean, and up to par with regard to personal hygiene. Especially if your secondary job role involves taking care of a company’s children or elderly.

You must be competent in all facets of housekeeping, including food preparation, cleaning, laundry, caring for the elderly or children, maintaining the home’s decor, etc. The tasks required of you by each job are different.

If your client is an elderly person living alone, you may be expected to provide transportation for other members of the household. Therefore, you must possess a driver’s license recognized and authenticated by the appropriate Norwegian authorities.


  • Primary // Associate’s Degree / Certificate
  • Experience
  • One to Three Years in the Field

Benefits of Housekeeping jobs in Norway

Housekeeping occupations in Norway that sponsor work visas have many advantages for foreign workers:

First, there are plenty of career prospects for those who are qualified housekeepers because of the high demand in both residential and commercial settings. Employers frequently give visa sponsorship and relocation aid, streamlining the process of finding work and settling in Norway.

Third, there are opportunities for people to obtain permanent roles if they are both dedicated and hardworking. Once they find work in Norway, individuals can apply for permanent residency, expanding their options for living and working in the country.

How to Apply for Norway Housekeeping Job Applications with Visa Sponsorship Information:

Both male and female applicants can submit their applications and supporting materials on the organization’s website.


Housekeeping jobs in Norway typically pay competitive wages that are appropriate for the industry. The job is simple, yet it pays well because of its simplicity.

Housekeepers should be compensated more if they work overtime or take on additional obligations, such as caring for children or driving clients around. The opportunity for financial gain is thus raised.

As a result, many private homes provide free meals and lodging to guests.

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