Building Caretaker Jobs in Canada 2024

Northview Fund is seeking a building manager in St John’s, NL, for the year 2024. They are a group of people who are committed to making positive changes in their neighborhood. Across Canada, the company’s employees also live in the communities they serve, whether as homeowners, hotel guests, or commercial tenants.

We’re looking for someone who is committed to the role and ready to put in long hours. This worker should be able to perform basic maintenance and upkeep on the buildings and grounds of the Northview Property. In addition, they should be willing to take an oath of duty and aid us in fulfilling our commitment to provide a secure and sanitary environment for our community members. Read this article to learn more about Building Caretaker Jobs in Canada 2024 for Foreign Nationals.

Building Caretaker Jobs in Canada 2024

Employment Information for Building Maintenance Workers Abroad in Canada, 2024

  • Position: Caretaker of the Premises
  • Working Conditions: St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
  • Needed prior knowledge: 0
  • Need for prior experience: None
  • Hourly Rate Anticipated: 15 Canadian Dollars
  • Free Lodging: Yes
  • Not necessarily free food
  • Perks for workers: Definitely

Needs for Foreign-Based Building Maintenance Workers in Canada by the Year 2024

At least six months of experience in building maintenance, janitorial work or lawn care in a business or residential setting is preferred.

  • Maintain your ability to function securely and competently despite feeling overwhelmed.
  • Strong interpersonal and customer service skills.
  • Nice manner of acting.
  • Possessing excellent verbal and written English skills
  • It is capable of lifting 50 pounds
  • They have no criminal or medical records that would prevent them from being hired in Canada.
  • Possess a valid driving license and a clean driving record.
  • People are allowed to work calls and weekends if necessary.

Gains for International Carers in Canada in 2024

  • Tips and bonuses might help make up for starting salaries that are lower than the market rate.
  • Complete medical protection, including visits to the doctor, the dentist, and the optometrist.
  • Health care, prescription medicine, and wellness programs
  • Rent reductions are available to Northview Homes employees.
  • Workers in need will receive free housing.
  • Jobs are plentiful thanks to Northview Funds’ high volume of both individual and corporate investors.

What a Building Caretaker is Supposed to Do

Entrances, exits, walkways, waiting places, and so on should all be cleaned and disinfected.

Thoroughly disinfect all surfaces, including floors, lifts, halls, staircases, windows, common rooms, entrances, exits, walkways, waiting spaces and rooms.

Maintain the cleanliness and order of the grounds, landscaping, paths, and parking areas.

As needed, assist with seasonal projects such as gardening, mowing, cleaning, and snow/ice removal/salting. As needed, assist construction professionals such as handymen and builders with minor fixes.

  • Respond quickly to all resident inquiries, complaints, and problems.
  • Priorities satisfying customers and retaining current tenants in your community
  • The maintenance supervisor often assigns similar tasks to others.

How to Apply for a Job as a Caretaker in a Canadian Building Foreign Travel in 2024

  • LinkedIn profiles are highly recommended if you don’t already have one.
  • If you have received a verification email but have yet to confirm your account, please check your spam or trash bin.
  • To find positions requiring cleaning services, type in “Cleaner Jobs,” “Building Cleaner/Caretaker Jobs,” “Caretaker/Housekeeper Jobs,” “Public Area Cleaner Jobs,” and so on.
  • Simply click on the pull-down menu next to “Search” and choose “All of Canada” or “St. John’s, Newfoundland” as your desired area.
  • Select the desired occupation by clicking on it.
  • Include all requested information in your resume and submit it.

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