House Maid Jobs in Abu Dhabi For Foreigners 2024

Sponsored Housekeeping and Maid Jobs in Abu Dhabi for 2024: Can you tell me if Abu Dhabi has any home care jobs available? Come to us first in your quest. Here you will find comprehensive information regarding Home Care Jobs in Abu Dhabi with Visa Sponsorship, including job descriptions, qualifications, application instructions, a list of reputable companies that provide this position, and more. There are a lot of job possibilities for people interested in home care and related fields.

Among these are positions such as babysitting, elderly care, housekeeping, and homecare assistance. After being selected, you will need to apply for a work visa to the UAE; this visa needs to be renewed every two years unless your employer sponsors it. The United Arab Emirates is a mecca for people seeking employment opportunities in a wide variety of fields, both highly skilled and unskilled, thus obtaining a work visa is thankfully not hard. Out of a total population of 9.1 million, 8 million are foreign workers, according to the International Labor Organization.

House Maid Jobs in Abu Dhabi For Foreigners

Information on Housekeeping and Maid Jobs in Abu Dhabi That Can Sponsor Your Visa for 2024

  • Position: Housekeeper/Maid
  • The place in question is Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
  • The anticipated monthly salary is AED 2000.
  • Credit Cards Endorsement: Sure
  • Bonuses for Employees: According to the contract, free housing is not an option (though many households are on board with it).
  • Complimentary Food: It may be a part of the agreement.
  • Over the age of 18

Housekeeper or maid in Abu Dhabi who can sponsor a visa for the year 2024:

Here are the official requirements for the position:

A high school diploma is required for commercial jobs (such as those in hotels, guesthouses, international schools, and nursery schools), however, it is not required for home jobs.

  • A fundamental familiarity with Arabic and English.
  • Housekeeping experience of one year or more is required.
  • The local RTA authority in the UAE or any internationally recognized category recognized by the RTA may grant a professional driver’s license for light vehicles.
  • Knowledge about dogs and how to care for pets.
  • Basic culinary skills.
  • Fundamental Cleaning/ Housekeeping talents.

A domestic service provider, home concierge, or housekeeping labor provider will need you to register with them or receive a license before they hire you.

Duties and responsibilities:

Watch over kids and make sure they’re taken care of when parents aren’t around.

Follow parents’ instructions when making meals and snacks for their children.

While parents are away, it is your responsibility to keep an eye on the kids and make sure they’re taking care of themselves with things like eating, homework, playing, and whereabouts.

Adolescents aren’t exactly helpless little babies or toddlers, so it’s your responsibility to make sure they wash their hands often and appropriately.

Ensure the child’s social development by leading them in recreational activities such as going to the park, swimming, karate, or any other activity that promotes social interaction. Meetings with visitors involving children must also be supervised by you while their parents are not present.

Characteristics and Abilities

Every carer, whether they work with children or adults, should possess a set of core competencies and character attributes. Specifically, Concierge Services by Adam is seeking the following individuals to fill this position:

  • The ideal applicant is trustworthy and dependable. He or she earns the kids’ trust by taking good care of them when their parents aren’t there.
  • A person should exude warmth and be kind.
  • His or her communication and active listening abilities should be top-notch.
  • Must be enthusiastic and patient when dealing with kids.
  • Should be well-versed in all methods, protocols, and initiatives pertaining to the physical and mental health of adolescents.
  • Be willing to work any shift that works for the parents and be flexible with your schedule.
  • Need to be well-versed in the interests, hobbies, and activities of kids (13–16 years old) in the areas of physical activity, mental challenge, and electronic media.

You need to have an eye for detail and be willing to pay close attention to any and all details that could raise the quality of your work.

A Housekeeper’s or Maid’s Average Salary in Abu Dhabi on a Sponsored Visa:

Not only does an entry-level maid or housekeeper’s compensation depend on his experience, but also on his employer’s salary guidelines, location, shift schedule, and other criteria. However, an Indeed survey found that 41 incomes were reported, with an average of 2,105 AED per month and a range of 1,998 to 3,103. Housekeepers in Abu Dhabi get a monthly salary of AED 1800, as reported by UAE Labour. This employer pays you almost the same as the average (AED 2000 is nearly similar to 2,105) based on survey data collected from randomly selected employers and employees across the UAE.

How to apply for housekeeping or maid jobs in Abu Dhabi?

To Apply for this position, please visit the official job search portal by following the link below. You’ll find the application button underneath the job description.

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